• Lip vacuum will make you look so beautiful

    He loves you. He really does. Look at him over there eating his sandwich. He wants you. But how can you make him go the extra mile? How can you make him hike up his pants and walk over to you and really notice you. You could watch him from his driveway, sure, and drive away when he comes out. You could do that. Or you could go to the park he goes to with his beautiful dog and make sure he… Read More

  • Lips wireless mic now compatible with Rock Band 2, Guitar Hero: Metallica

    Here’s one way to increase sales of a dumb game. Oh, I’m sure Lips is a fine game for wannabe singers, but it’s not for me. Today, Microsoft announced that the wireless mics that come with Lips will be compatible with Rock Band 2 and Guitar Hero: Metallica. Support for RB2 won’t happen until the Summer, but the Lips mic works with GHM now. Microsoft promises… Read More

  • Xbox "Lips" on its way, whatever it is

    Xbox users can get excited because the mysterious accessory known only as “Lips” is set to launch today. Nobody knows what Lips is or what it does, but it’s likely an accessory that has to do with communication, perhaps a microphone. Speculation is that it will compliment and not replace the headset for XBL or mic from games like Rock Band, but until it hits sometime today if… Read More

  • Brando burps up two speaker solutions

    Do you need a speaker that looks like a mouse? How about a speaker that looks like a pair of lips? The mouse speaker, at $14, connects to your iPod and lets you “share” your music with throngs of people who probably want to kill you. The lips, ummm, also cost $14 and do the same thing. Purchase a your own risk. Mouse
    Technology addiction… there is help. Read More