Lior Susan

Eclipse eclipses previous fundraises with a whopping $1.23 billion across two new funds

The market may be be tightening, but not for Eclipse, a Palo Alto-based venture firm that just raised $1.2 billion across two new funds. One fund, with $720 million in capital commitments, will be inv

Eclipse Ventures has $500 million more to digitize old-line industries and bring them up to speed

Two years ago, we talked with Lior Susan, the founder of now six-year-old Eclipse Ventures in Palo Alto, California. At the time, the outfit believed that the next big thing wasn’t another socia

VC Lior Susan has a big idea that seems to be working: building next-generation industrial companies

Many investors in Silicon Valley are waiting for the next big platform. That’s fine with Lior Susan, a former Flex exec who in 2015 co-founded Eclipse Ventures with the legendary venture capital

Formation 8 Hires Flextronics Exec Lior Susan To Lead Hardware Investments

Venture firm Formation 8 has been on a bit of hiring spree recently, bringing on multiple partners and advisors over the past few months. Today it’s announcing Lior Susan will be joining the firm to