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Facebook’s GraphQL gets its own open-source foundation

GraphQL, the Facebook -incubated data query language, is moving into its own open-source foundation. Like so many other similar open-source foundations, the aptly named GraphQL Foundation will be host

Linus Torvalds declares Intel fix for Meltdown/Spectre ‘COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE’

The always outspoken Linus Torvalds, best known for his continuing work on the innermost code of Linux systems, has harsh words to say and accusations to level against Intel. His evaluation of Intel's

Happy 25th birthday, Linux

Linux will turn 25 years old on August 25, the day Linus Torvalds sent out his fateful message asking for help with a new operating system. “I’m doing a (free) operating system (just a hob

Money And Politics: Bitcoin’s Governance Crisis

A lot of intriguing and conflicting things have been said about Bitcoin in the past few years. Some see it as the salvation of the financial system, others as a new toy, appealing only to the technolo

An Interview With Linus Torvalds

The Millenium Technology Prize is a Finnish award designed "to improve the quality of life and to promote sustainable development-oriented research, development and innovation." It's awarded every two

Linux creator says, 'Nexus One is a winner'

Since we all know that Android runs a modified version of Linux, you’d think that the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, would absolutely love Android handsets. Nope. As a matter of fact, the man

Linus Torvalds: Google's Nexus One First Mobile Phone I Don't Hate

<img src="" width="153" height="200" /><a href="">Linus Torvalds</a>, the inventor of the Li

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: Fake Linus Torvalds competition

<img src="" alt="fake-linus" title="fake-linus" />We all know and love Fake Steve Jobs, right? We all know that Linux users copy ever

Linux (sort of ) turned 17-years-old yesterday

Flickr’d It was 17 years ago yesterday that Linus Torvalds announced on Usenet the availability of his “free minix-like kernel,” better known to the world as Linux. (The kernel was actually

All About Linux 2008: Great Moments in Linux History

The above video may or may not be an accurate depiction of the early days of Linux.

Open source heavy Torvalds pats Microsoft on the back

Usually when open source advocates and coders talk about Microsoft, they spell it with a $. But Linus Torvalds, coder extraordinaire on the Linux kernel, has some kind words for the Redmond giant. He

Torvalds: OS X file system is 'complete and utter crap'

At a recent Linux conference in Melbourne, Australia, Linus Torvalds said the following about Windows Vista and Mac OS X. “I don’t think they’re equally flawed – I think Leopar

Linus Torvalds on upcoming Linux improvements

InformationWeek has a pretty interesting interview with Linux founder Linus Torvalds. The requisite Microsoft vs. Linux comparisons make up much of the article but he also weighs in on which improveme