Link from “The Legend of Zelda” pops up on Google Maps today

Google has hidden a little surprise today in Google Maps for fans of "The Legend of Zelda" - the company is celebrating the release of the new game, "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD" for Wii

Watch Jeff Goldblum’s GE Link Spot, The Smartest Smart Home Ad Ever

Hey, who here gets excited about smart lightbulbs? Probably four of you raised your hands, and two of them were me. GE has taken a different approach to selling its new Link connected bulbs, eschewing

Tag Heuer's Android Powered Link Smart Phone

<img src="">No, it isn't a watch but it does tell the time - this is the exclusive debut of the

Tag Heuer Updates Its Link Watches For 2011

<img src="" alt="" />Among Tag Heuer's mainstay watch collections is the Link. I believe it was originally introduced in the lat

Zelda-fy your baby with this handmade Link outfit

<img src="" alt="zelda" />If you're on the fence about having a baby, consider the fact that you can dress it up however you please. Case in

Battery operated web-controlled door locks

Ok, now come on. Web-controlled door locks? Oh, Schlage, tell me it’s not true. It is? Your LiNK system is great you say? Ok, well, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt for your Z-Wave home auto

Link wants you to shoot a crossbow

Who doesn’t love the Zelda-series of games from Nintendo? I’m pretty sure if you can’t find one Link game you like, you’re a communist. For you patriots out there, here’s

Nerd Tats: Link

CG writer Raj sent us in this picture of the first pass on his new Link tattoo. Raj loves him some video games and pop culutre — he even has Nightmare Before Christmas ink on his scrawny, emociz