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Linktree is now allowing users to highlight links better with featured layout function

Link-in-bio startup Linktree introduced new features today including a featured layout to highlight links better, the ability to fetch the latest posts from Instagram and support for a more prominent

Linktree acquires link-in-bio platform Koji in its second investment of the year

Australia-based link-in-bio platform Linktree announced today that it has acquired competitor Koji from its parent company GoMeta for an undisclosed amount. Linktree said that Koji’s link-in-bio

Linktree is now letting users add Threads on their profile

Link-in-bio company Linktree is now offering features for creators to integrate their Threads account into their profile. With this roll-out, users can add a link to their Threads profile on their Lin

Snap is teaming up with Linktree to let users include links in their profiles

Snap announced today that it is rolling out an integration with the link-in-bio tool Linktree to let people show off their work and other profiles on Snapchat. The social network is late to allow link

Instagram takes on Linktree and others with support for up to 5 ‘links in bio’

Instagram today is rolling out a new feature for adding links to user profiles that challenges Linktree, Beacons and numerous other “link in bio” solution providers. The company announced

Creator CRM company Pico rebrands to Hype, raises $10 million

Creator CRM company Pico is now rebranding as Hype and launching Hype Kits, which are pre-designed web templates for different kinds of creators looking to build a landing page. The company is also ra

Link-in-bio platform Koji launches new tool to let creators sell e-books

Koji, the link-in-bio platform that gives creators a digital storefront on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, launched a new e-book tool that lets users sell e-books and audiobooks, the

Sequoia-backed Bento wants be more than a link-in-bio tool for creators

There are as many link-in-bio tools available for creators as the number of links they typically display on their pages. But there is one more addition to it. Sequoia-backed startup Bento is launching

Patreon competitor Fanfix launches ‘SuperLink,’ a link-in-bio platform aimed at Gen Z creators

Fanfix, the Patreon-style platform focused on Gen Z, announced today the launch of SuperLink, a standalone monetization-focused link-in-bio platform that displays a creator’s Fanfix page. Fanfix pre

Linktree intros Payment Lock, paywalls creators can put around individual pieces of media

Looking for more ways to grow its revenue, Linktree knows the way to creators’ hearts and wallets: by building more tools to help them make money. Today the “link in bio” startup, wh

TikTok launches Profile Kit to add up to six videos on other sites, integrating first with Linktree

A big part of TikTok’s growth story has been down to its viral hooks: Catchy videos with thousands or millions of views on TikTok are watched and shared thousands or millions of times elsewhere,

Linktree’s new mobile app allows users to manage their pages on the go

Linktree announced today that it’s launching a new mobile app on iOS and Android to make it easier for users to access its service. The new app will allow users to create a Linktree, add and man

Linktree launches new Marketplace directory for users to browse its platform partners and integrations

Link-in-bio platform Linktree is launching a new one-stop directory for users to browse its platform partners and integrations. The company says the new hub, which is called Linktree Marketplace, is

Linktree is rolling out new features to allow creators to showcase their NFTs

Link-in-bio platform Linktree is the latest company that is looking to integrate NFTs into its service, as the company has revealed a set of new features that will allow creators to showcase their NFT

Shopify launches new ‘Linkpop’ link in bio tool with built-in e-commerce features

Shopify has entered the “link in bio” market with the launch of a new tool called “Linkpop.” The new offering is aimed at creators and allows them to sell products directly fro

Link-in-bio monetization platform Snipfeed raises a $5.5M seed round

The link-in-bio business is heating up as more mobile website builders compete for a coveted slice of real estate on a creator’s TikTok, Instagram or Twitter. Linktree leads the space, securing

‘Link-in-bio’ company Linktree raises $45M Series B for its social commerce features

If you browse Instagram, you are probably familiar with the term “link in bio.” Links aren’t allowed in post captions, and users are only allowed one URL in their bios, so many create a