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Second Life creator launches beta of its virtual reality simulation

The SF-based Linden Lab is at last launching an open "creator beta" of its VR-ready universe simulation, Sansar. The world creation and exploration title is expansive in its ambitions and still has a

Second Life creators look to revamp reality once again, this time in VR

The team is now embarking on its most ambitious project yet, a wide-reaching virtual reality network called Project Sansar that is, in many ways, aiming to become a new layer of reality that gives 

Second Life Maker Linden Lab Buys Desura For Games Distribution, Plans To Keep It Open

<a target="_blank" href="">Linden Lab</a> is continuing with its mini-acquisition spree in gaming: it has just announced that it is buying Desura, a digital distribution servic

How Linden Lab Hopes To Find Second Life In Mobile Creative Play

The timing is likely right for Linden Lab to change direction: reports recently indicate Second Life is shedding users, with passive viewing becoming the dominant interaction method. Gaming industry n

Linden Lab Acquires Game Studio LittleTextPeople To Build Beyond Second Life

Independent game studio LittleTextPeople made waves at GDC with its eponymous interactive fiction game. Now it's <a href="">been acquired by</a> virtual wo

Amidst Turmoil, Linden Lab's CEO Steps Down

<img src="" class="shot2">June has not been a good month for Linden Lab, the creator of virtual world Second Life. A few weeks

Linden Lab Lays Off 30 Percent Of Staff

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Linden Lab,</a> th

Does Anybody Still Use Second Life? And If So, How Much Is It Worth Today?

<img src="" width="160" height="68" /> Analyst firm <a href="!.html">Next Up Research</a> has pub

Philip Rosedale Doesn't See Browser-Based Virtual Worlds As A Threat to Second Life. Is He In Denial?

IBM And Second Life Announce Interoperability, But Bridging Virtual Worlds Is the Wrong Answer

Virtual worlds like Second Life have a silo issue—they are virtual worlds unto themselves. Today, Linden Lab (which operates Second Life) and IBM announced that they have successfully bridged two vi