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GV partner Lo Toney wants to raise $50 million to fund diverse investors

GV partner Lo Toney is looking to raise up to $50 million for his new fund, Plexo Capital, Axios first reported. Since 2017, Toney has been incubating Plexo Capital inside GV, formerly known as Google

For startups, VC funding is always in season

We’ve entered the dog days of summer. For many, that means time on the beach, backyard barbecues and, if you’re like us, seeking out the blissful respite afforded by a solid air conditioning sys

The meeting that showed me the truth about VCs

I recently had a meeting with a well-known Israeli startup investor. The talk somehow pivoted from my seed-seeking startup into talking about the macro view of venture capital and how it doesn’t act

Why founders should care where their VCs get their money

Fundraising for a startup is a notoriously stressful process. Much ink has been spilled dissecting every aspect of what works when pitching a venture capitalist, and there are countless “tips” out

What investors want from venture capital firms

The limited partner world of finding and selecting venture funds to invest in is similar to what venture capitalists go through with startups.

How Institutional Limited Partners Can Avoid Limited Returns

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