After relaunching as a studio for creators, LimeWire acquires BlueWillow, a Midjourney competitor

In the Wild West of generative AI, a new, unlikely cowboy is riding into town. LimeWire — once infamous for music piracy and incurring the wrath of the music industry before shutting down &#8212

Defunct LimeWire Buries The Copyright Hatchet With Music Agency Merlin, Settles For $15M?

Another hefty payout for the now-defunct file-sharing P2P service LimeWire, and, perhaps more importantly, another nail in the coffin for P2p services: Merlin, a rights agency representing independent

Limewire Settles For A Measly $105 Million

Limewire has agreed to pay $105 million to record labels, after a protracted court battle in which the record companies famously estimated Limewire’s damages could reach $75 trillion. So in a wa

RIAA Once Again Upset At LimeWire Over Limewire Pirate Edition

<img src="" />The <a HREF="">RIAA</a>, still fighting the good fight. LimeWire as you knew it <a

LimeWire Ordered To Shut Down

<img src="" />LimeWire, we hardly knew ye. A New York court has ordered the company to turn off the software's ability to search, u

After Ten Years, LimeWire Capitulates To The Music Industry

<img src=""> The music industry lawyers just put another notch on their wall. After ten years of existence, peer-to-peer music sharing ser

The Infamous 2009 LimeWire Pizza Fiasco

<img src="" width="193" height="200" />July 1, 2009 - the day the music wars started in earnest. Last night the guys from <a hr

Supreme Court Justice has personal data stolen off LimeWire

An employee at an investment firm exposed clients’ personal data while using LimeWire. One of the clients was Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer. Much of his personal data was stolen! Who stil

Limewire Will Make A Mess Of Your iTunes

Apparently you can still complain about a program used for the sole purpose of pirating when it goes and breaks your iTunes library. Lately, a conflict has been discovered between Limewire and iTunes