‘LikeALittle People’ App Uses Your Interests To Connect With The People Around You

<a href="">LikeALittle,</a> the social network for college students who want a place to anonymously flirt on college campuses, announces the launch of its first mobile product today,

Andreessen-Horowitz Adds Jeff Jordan As General Partner, Leads $5M+ LikeALittle Series A

<a href=""><img class="shot2" src="" alt="" /></a>Andreessen-Horowitz, the prestigious VC firm started by Silicon Valley

TC Cribs: The Sights And Smells Of LikeALittle’s Ridiculous Hacker House

<img src=""/>Warning: if you are an obsessively clean person, you may want to skip this episode of TC Cribs. For those of you brave

The Full, Very Impressive List Of LikeALittle Investors

<img class="shot2" src="" alt="" />Last week we <a href="">broke the news</a> that

Investors Don't Just Like LikeALittle A Little, They Like It A Lot

<img class="alignright size-full wp-image-298407" title="lal" src="" alt="" />Anytime there's a startup that has been quietly catching fire, you

Flirting Social Network Likealittle Hits 20M Pageviews In 6 Weeks

<img src="" />If you were paying attention to Hacker News this weekend, you may have seen both the following pos