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Facebook Enhances Everyone’s Like With Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, Angry Buttons

Humanity has been boiled down to six emotions. Today after tests in a few countries, Facebook is rolling out its augmented Like button “Reactions” to all users. This article has been boile

Quip, Ex-FB CTO Bret Taylor’s Word Processing App, Gets A Like Button, Themes And More

When Bret Taylor, the ex-CTO of Facebook, co-founded mobile-first word processing app <a target="_blank" href="">Quip</a> with ex-Googler Kevin Gibbs, the move appeared to be a world

Facebook Considers Adding The Hate Button

In 2010, TechCrunch <a href="">broke the news</a> that <a href="

Facebook Also Quietly Rolled Out A Like Button Chrome Extension

Yesterday, we noted that <a href="">Google quietly rolled out their +1 Button Chrome extension</a> a couple days ago. It's more

Facebook's "Like" Button Used To Be The "Awesome" Button

<img src="" /></a><blockquote><em>"The concept of "liking" things is very old, likely older than the words we use to describe it..."</em> --

Confirmed: Facebook Rolling Out A New Slimmer, Sexier Like Button

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-209002" title="1111" src="" alt="" />Though it has only <a href="