Tiny DVD RW recorder from Freecom

Here’s a tiny DVD burner from Freecom. It just plugs right into a USB of Firewire port and starts working right away — no wall outlet required and no drivers to install. It’ll handle blank D

LG DVD Writer with LightScribe

LG has dropped an external DVD writer with LightScribe that burns at 18x in Europe — of course. The LG GSA-E40N is powered by USB and the external Super-multi drive burns DVD±R media at 18x, DV

Verbatim Color LightScribe Discs

Until HP or some other company finds a way to make optical drives burn color images, these color LightScribe CD-Rs is as close as you’re going to get to adding color to your laser-etched labels.

LightScribe Comes to the Mac

LightScribe, the CD etching mechanism used by various companies like LaCie, has finally been released for Mac. Although of seemingly limited use, the LightScribe drives can etch pictures or text onto