• Augmented reality is conquering new frontiers with Star Wars Crunch Network

    Augmented reality is conquering new frontiers with Star Wars

    Consumers can expect to see more augmented reality used by other famous film franchises in the near future. ILMxLAB currently works with a number of filmmakers to help create more engaging theater experiences. Read More

  • Star Wars meets rice: Japanese company sells lightsaber chopsticks

    If you happen to both be a Star Wars fan and have a penchant for Far Eastern food, this new gadget might be the right thing for you: lightsaber chopsticks. A Japanese company called Kotobukiya (which also has a US website) is selling three different models. The red version is aimed at Darth Vader fans for some reason, the green one is for Yoda fans and the blue model is supposedly the right one… Read More

  • Play your Nintendo DS like a Jedi with a Lightsaber Stylus

    Nintendo and Lucas Arts are releasing Lightsaber Stylus for the DS at the end of July. Star Wars fans will be able to buy a two pack featuring light up lightsapbers ($16.99) or a three pack of boring non-light up lightsabers ($7.99). One of the major downfalls of the stylus is you can not put it in the holder on the DS. That means you are most likely going to lose these things after one day. Read More

  • Lightsaber Umbrella For Uberdorks

    Though Star Wars and all that lightsaber jazz can get pretty dorky at times, I must admit these umbrellas look totally kick ass. If you live in Seattle like Hickey and have a certain fondness for Boba Fet, it’s safe to say this is the umbrella for you. The umbrellas consist of a lightsaber for the handle and rod and a canopy top. There’s red, white, and blue lightsabers with red… Read More