• Kickstarter: Spark Connects Your Lightbulbs To The Internets

    Kickstarter: Spark Connects Your Lightbulbs To The Internets

    The Internet is a many-splendored thing. For some it is a fount of knowledge and others a fount of porn. But for those with the Spark, it is a fount of illumination. Minnesota-based Spark is a project that connects lightbulbs to the Internet. By adding a dongle between the lamp and the bulb, you can turn on lights in any room almost anywhere in the world. Want to try it? Go here and Tweet… Read More

  • Acriche unveils first 100 lm/W AC LED light

    I like the idea of LED lights, as I’m sure you do, too. Like you, I dislike the inefficiencies of incandescent bulbs, although I like the bright, warm light they produce. Like you, I like the power efficiency of CFL bulbs, although I dislike all that nasty mercury inside them. LED lights look like a big win, except, of course, for the fact that the light is either too diffuse to be… Read More

  • Show your love for illumination and keyboards with this USB key light

    People at work know you even though they haven’t met you. “Oh, Carl? Yeah, the keyboard guy. Dude LOVES keyboards. Won’t shut up about them. I heard he’s crazy. Like, Judo crazy. Like, don’t say anything bad about keyboards or he’ll put you in some weird Judo hold.” If that sounds like you, Carl, then get $14 ready. Read More

  • Ikea selling $20 solar-powered desk lamps

    In case you hadn’t heard, Ikea is on the solar bandwagon. After pumping $75 million into various environmentally-sustainable initiatives, we’re starting to see products trickle out. Aside from solar-powered garden lights — which have actually been availalbe from numerous companies for a while — you can also pick up a $20 solar desk lamp. Read More

  • Well now, IKEA makes solar-powered lights

    What’s that dumb joke, something about “why do you park on a driveway and drive on a parkway”? That logic doesn’t really hold up when you’re looking at something like these solar-powered garden lights. They’re IKEA’s first such “solar” products, which means we’re in for a treat in the upcoming months as more and more goodies trickle out. Read More

  • DIY LED lamp for your bike

    This looks pretty cool, even if it could be mistaken for being steampunk. I like being able to have my light blink, personally, but it would also be nice to be able to mess with the LEDs or put in colored ones. What, it’s the season! Make DIY merry, people!
    [via MAKE] Read More

  • GoodNiteLite: For the love of God, let me sleep… oh

    This odd nightlight is actually quite interesting. You set the “wake-up” time on this thing and plug it in in your kid’s room. You then explain to Junior that when the sleepy moon is shining it’s time to sleep. Then, when it’s time to wake, happy sunshine face lights up and you say it’s time to get up and bother you. This is a great tool for young kids who… Read More

  • LED shower light turns blue when cold, red when hot

    If you’re like me, you’ll agree that there’s nothing in the whole wide world that’s quite as bad as getting your hand wet. I hate it! So it pleases me greatly to see this $40 shower head with built-in LED lighting that turns blue when the water’s cold and red when it’s warm (89 degrees, to be exact). The shower head requires no batteries, thankfully… Read More

  • Sound-activated LEDs could prevent injury

    [photopress:soundled.jpg,full,center] If that bar I got kicked out off at the weekend had these LED lights along the staircase, I may not have fallen down them, resulting in my current minor injuries. Or did I fall up the stairs? Who knows? Anyway, for $10 per pair, these LEDs can be yours. The battery-operated lights detect sound, so they’ll only turn on when you or your loved ones… Read More

  • Floating lamp: Balloon with built-in LEDs

    [photopress:floating_lamp2.jpg,full,center] Every one of y’all needs to petition the designer of the floating lamp, a balloon with an LED base. Fill her up with helium and you’ve got, yes, a floating light. Since the balloons follow all the laws of physics, you can expect them to last only so long before they fall back to the earth. Probably the best thing I’ve seen in a… Read More

  • Crazy Guitar Hero Christmas lights mod

    What do you get when you mix Christmas lights, massively intelligent cubicle dwellers, Python, open source electronics, and a Guitar Hero controller? A crazy light show that I would call one of the coolest things I’ve seen all year. This is what tech is about — having fun with cool stuff without worrying about EULAs. Read More

  • Look at the pretty lights

    I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of light art. It’s just about the neatest thing out there in terms of non-traditional mediums of artwork. It also helps that they’re reenacting some Star Wars. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Read More

  • Unroll Your Own Portable Lighting System

    If you’re one of the tens of people who need portable lighting solutions, you’re going to love the Lampada Metro Roll-Up Lighting system. The lights start out looking sort of like a roll of duct tape and are unraveled into a Pringles-like translucent tube that emits weak light. If you would use this, please let us know how or why. I’m not ragging on them, I’m… Read More

  • Gnarly Alarm Clock Has Light Instead of Buzzer to Wake You Up

    It’s no Clocky, but this alarm clock innovates in a way that’s charming in and of itself. Rather than just having an annoying buzzer, not unlike the sound of creeping death to wake you up, it has a big, red, flashing light. Put it close enough to you and the pulsing redness is supposed to do enough to wake you, and only you, up. And yes, it also has an annoying buzzer. I like… Read More

  • The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere

    It was the blinking of the hideous lights! Computerworld’s Mike Elgan is angry at gadget manufacturers who put silly, useless lights all over today’s gadgets. Computer monitors have lights to tell you they’re on; routers and modems blink incessantly whenever they’re plugged in; BlackBerrys and other cellphone blink seemingly whenever they feel like it. Enough! In… Read More

  • Lightcast: Because Paul Van Dyk And Three Hits Of X Aren't Enough

    Only those into partying hard should pay attention here, but stick around for the bad jokes. Lightcast is basically a house for 33 multicolored LEDs which will project onto your ceiling to – wait for it – the beat of your music! You can hook up your iPod, DAP, Discman, or whatever makes a noise and has a 3.5mm jack. It also includes interchangeable mirrors and reflectors for… Read More

  • Therapie Mood Lighting

    We all know that light affects ones mood. Make your room consistently like a dank cellar and you’re likely to morph into some nefarious Dick Cheney-like character. Lots of sunlight and such and its probable that you’ll experience a much more positive metamorphosis. For those of you who are stuck in the dank cellar, but would prefer not to end up sinister, then perhaps some mood… Read More

  • Hunker Down with the Vector Tough Brite Storm Tracker

    These things look ridiculous, but they’re such an immense utility for everybody, especially those of us who live in disaster prone areas (like me). Aside from looking like something out of a bad SciFi movie, the Vector Tough Brite (aka bright) Storm Tracker provides an LED-area light, spotlight, AM/FM radio and a 5-inch UHF/VHF black and white TV. The most important part, however, is… Read More