Light Switch

Brilliant makes your smart home more manageable

Controlling your smart home gadgets from your phone or by voice isn’t exactly a chore, but after setting up a bunch of smart lights, a Wi-Fi lock, thermostat and a few more smart devices, I came

Knocki turns any surface into a switch

What happens when you mix two software dudes, a little kid, and a light switch? You get the Knocki, a clever little device that connects to a wall or under a table. You can tap the surface to trigger

bRight Switch Wants To Upgrade The Light Switches In Your Home To Android Touchscreens

bRight Switch wants to replace plain old light switch hardware with what's basically a small, Android-powered tablet fixed to the wall -- hugely expanding the functionality of the switch interface to

Solution to increase figure skating's appeal: Lightsabers

<img src="">I don't know if <a href="">this video</a> is new or has been floating around Star War's f

Hooks On Light Switches!

Some dude from Die Electric created light switches with hooks for your coat. It’s supposed to make you think about how much electricity you use, yadda yadda. I’m American. I’m going

How to Make a Star Trek On/Off Switch

Since our wives won’t approve outfitting our living room like the bridge of the Enterprise and our bedrooms like Counselor Troi’s quarters, all we have left is making our light switches li