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Sony Officializes Its New Z Series Laptops, With Quasi-Light Peak-USB Port

<img src="" />Last month saw the introduction of a new Sandy Bridge-enabled <a href="

More Signs Point To Light Peak Debuting On Upcoming MacBook Pros, To Be Called Thunderbolt

<img src="">Apple rumors are flying <a href="">left </a>and <a href="http

Intel To Debut Light Peak Alongside Apple's New MacBook Pros?

<img src="" />Intel has released a statement saying it will be discussing "a new technology that is about to appear on the market" on Thu

More Details On Intel's Light Peak; Release Slips To 2011

<img src="" />Intel is showing off its Light Peak interface at IDF (naturally) and there are a few new morsels of info

Intel predicts Light Peak to replace USB 3.0

<img src="" />Intel pundit Kevin Kahn has predicted that <a href="

Yeah, Apple wasn't integral in Light Peak transfer technology

<img src="">So Apple wasn't so integral in that whole Light Peak thing after all. <a HREF="

Apple played critical role in creating Intel's "Light Peak" interface

<img src="" />While there are certainly fewer interfaces around today on the average computer than there were a decade ago, there are sti