Health startup Lifesum raises $10M round led by Nokia Growth Partners

What do you get if you combine the broad trends of smartphones, wearables, Internet of Things, an individual desire for control and healthcare costs for society? You get VCs investing in health-tech s

Lifesum Launches Movesum, A Step Tracker To Shock You About Calories

After raising a $6.7M Series A round to bolster its position, health tracking startup Lifesum has added another arrow to its quiver in the form of a new app called Movesum. You can download it here. A

Lifesum Health Tracker App Gets $6.7M Series A To Outgrow Its Nordics Base

Health and fitness app Lifesum (formerly known as ShapeUp Club) which lets users track the food they eat and count calories, has closed a $6.7 million Series A funding round led by German multinationa

Lifesum Is Taking Its Playbook Straight From Spotify — And A Few Of Its Executives

Swedish health and fitness app <a target="_blank" href="">ShapeUp Club</a> has been quietly building its user base over the last couple of years. Indeed, it's almost as if it has be