Can Google’s AI-powered Clips make people care about lifelogging?

Lifelogging once seemed like an inevitability. Between social media and the increasing ubiquity of cameras, we were all clearly moving toward a sort of constant documentation of our lives’ event

Google Clips is a new $249 smart camera that you can wear

Google debuted a product that basically no one saw coming at its big hardware event today: A camera called Clips. It’s not your typical camera, however – it’s designed essentially for p

Narrative lifelogging gets a stay of execution as the company considers restarting production

This was certainly unexpected. For any number of reasons. A day before the planned shutdown of cloud-based storage service, lifelogging startup Narrative — or, rather, a group of former employee

Lifelogging Wearable Camera Startup, Narrative, Gets $8M For U.S. Push

Lifelogging camera startup Narrative has bagged a new chunk of funding to fuel a U.S. push, taking in $8 million led by Khosla Ventures. Existing investors True Ventures and Passion Capital also parti

iOS App OptimizeMe Encourages You To Make The Most Of Your Day

I have so many pastimes that I like to say that my hobby is hobbies. Unfortunately, I often let my craft supplies sit idle for weeks while I spend hours surfing the web. That's why I was intrigued by

ParaShoot Wearable Camera Gets A Redesign, Begins Shipping To Early Indiegogo Backers

The ParaShoot wearable camera that got shot down by Kickstarter before turning to Indiegogo to raise over $150,000 has finally started shipping its first production units – but backers may not recog

MeMINI Is A Wearable Camera That Let’s You Save Video Clips Minutes After Cool Stuff Happened

Meet meMINI, a wearable videocamera that's currently seeking $50,000 in crowdfunding on Kickstarter to help you save the best bits of your daily life for posterity without having to record everything

Heyday, The New Journaling App, Reminds Me That I’m Kind Of Boring

When I met Siqi Chen, founder and CEO of the startup behind a new journaling app called <a target="_blank" href="">Heyday</a>, a few weeks ago, he said he'd built an app that offered

With $3M In New Funding, Memoto Lifelogging Startup Rebrands To Narrative To Go Global

Swedish startup Memoto did well on Kickstarter – well enough to earn the company 11 times its funding goal, or $550,000 to drive the creation of its lifelogging camera. The small camera is designed

iPad App mem:o Is A Simple Data Visualization Tool For Design Lovers

Technology makes it easy to turn the minutiae of our daily lives into useful data sets, but sometimes it feels bleak seeing every experience or memory broken down into pie charts and bar graphs. mem:o

The Rove App Is An Easy Way To Remember Everywhere You’ve Been

Have you had one of those moments where you wondered, "Damn, what did I actually do this weekend?" Or maybe where you couldn't think of the name of that awesome restaurant you visited last week? A new

Love Lifelogging? Storica App Takes To Kickstarter To Fund Desktop Expansion

The creators of lifelogging data-visualisation app Storica have turned to Kickstarter to try to raise £50,000 to extend their Android app from mobile to the desktop as a fully-fledged platform. Stori

Lifelogging App Saga Adds Social Features, So You Can Share Every Life Detail With Your Friends

<a target="_blank" href="">Saga</a>, an app <a href="