• The LIFEBOOK E741/C Is The World's First Notebook With Built-In Contactless Palm Vein Sensor

    That was quick: on Tuesday, Fujitsu unveiled the world’s smallest and thinnest palm vein sensor used for authentication purposes (which is sized at just 29mm on a side and 11.2mm high). And now the company announced [JP] the LIFEBOOK E741/C, a notebook that will come with said sensor on board (as an option). Read More

  • LIFEBOOK S761/C: Fujitsu Shows Notebook With Integrated Pico Projector

    It took them a while, but PC makers are finally building notebooks with integrated pico projectors: that’s the main bullet point the LIFEBOOK S761/C that Fujitsu announced [JP] for the Japanese market has to offer. The projector replaces the space an optical drive would occupy in the notebook. Read More

  • Fujitsu Lifebook U2010 gets spec'd out – GPS comes standard

    Even though we first spied the Fujitsu UMPC back in May, it seems like just yesterday that the U2010 busted out on the sub-laptop scene. Most were impressed with the little lappie until the $1300 projected price appeared. The official release just dropped from Fujitsu and scanning over the spec sheet didn’t reveal any surprises except for the GPS integration and a FM… Read More

  • Fujitsu U2010: Long battery life with only four cells

    Fujitsu’s U2010 UMPC has a swivel screen, Intel Atom processor, and most of the stuff that’s on every other UMPC except, hey, what’s this? Up to nine hours of battery life with the solid state drive option or eight hours with a standard drive? Hello, Kitty. That 8-9 hour figure comes thanks to the U2010’s “extended” battery, which happens to be just a… Read More

  • Aussies get pink gold PC

    Fujitsu PC Australia has announced a limited edition Pink Gold version of its updated ultrportable notebook, the LifeBook P8010. Along with the pink bling, the latest LifeBook also includes 3.5G and HSDPA connectivity, a thin 12.1” SuperFine widescreen, 6.1 hour battery, optimized VoIP functions such as a built-in digital microphone and 1.3-megapixel camera and a fingerprint reader. It… Read More

  • I accuse Fujitsu! In the FCC with the full-featured ultraportable

    If the MacBook Air is the bouncy, anorexic cheerleader of the ultraportable world (though 13.3″ is pushing the “ultraportable” label; I guess that would make her awkwardly tall in this metaphor), then this Lifebook P8010 is the greasy, frizzy (bad picture before) slick, capable know-it-all. Yet somehow lighter. This Fujitsu wonder has three USB ports, Wi-Fi, ethernet and… Read More