• Facebook teen-in-residence defects to Google and launches Lies

    Facebook teen-in-residence defects to Google and launches Lies

    At age 17, Michael Sayman was Facebook’s youngest employee ever. Having already launched 5 apps, he wowed Mark Zuckerberg, earned a demo spot on stage at Facebook F8 conference, and scored a full-time engineering gig as the social network’s go-to teen. Over the past three years, he helped Facebook try to crack the middle school market with apps like the now defunct Lifestage. But… Read More

  • Man claims photo of his genitals found on his iPhone is a ‘glitch’

    Flickr’d How dumb are men, generally? A woman is set to divorce her husband after she discovered a photo of his genitals in his iPhone’s sent e-mails folder. The woman suspected that the guy was sending photos of himself to other women, but the guy had an excuse: it’s just a glitch, honey. Yeah, the iPhone has this weird habit of going into photo mode, unzipping your pants… Read More


    In a post on TechTree in India a group of kids are claiming that the iPhone is at Apple stores in New York right now. I suspect that a monkey man wearing a metal helmet planted them there last night while we all slept. I GOT AN #G IPHONE!! THis is so cool my dad just got it on his way home from work. my bday is on saturday so ill tell u all how it is cus they might be sold out. i… Read More

  • Hi honey, I'm in a meeting. Can I call you later?

    Who hasn’t pulled this line once or twice and been caught in a dirty white lie? The significant other hears the game on in the background or your d-bag friends hooting at the strippers. It’s all happened to us at least once and that’s ok. Sometimes we need to fib about what we’re doing to get a little ‘alone time.’ It’s just the way things work… Read More

  • The lies retailers tell, part 1: Monster Cable

    I’ll accept that “cables make a difference” in certain situations. Cable length, interference, and corrosion can effect cables, especially analog signals, and I’ve seen some improvements in using higher-end cables on higher-end gear. This, however, is unacceptable. Gizmo Republic visited a big box store where they found some red hot Monster HDMI cables for sale and… Read More

  • New Service from Sprint Helps You Lie

    Cellphones are a bridge between one human and all of his or her fellow humans. Fortunately, it’s a drawbridge, and one can raise it to keep certain people at bay. Sometimes, though, you’re in a situation that calls for a quick out, a need to escape with a convenient excuse. Sprint knows this, and has a solution: MobileFaker. MobileFaker (MF for short) is a collection of services… Read More

  • Balmer Laughs At The iPhone, Lies Completely

    Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer was caught laughing at the mention of the iPhone in this CNBC interview. Not only does he look like a jackass, but he lies right out his own ass on numbers regarding the Zune, saying it has 25 percent of the high-end MP3 player market (over $250). Yeah right. “$500! Fully subsidized with a plan?!” sounds reminiscent of something – hmm I… Read More

  • Apple WiFi Vulnerability was Fictitious

    I’m sure you remember all that fuss about those holes in the Apple WiFi drivers. Well as reality would have it, those claims were erroneous. TUAW reports that SecureWorks, the company sponsoring all this noise, didn’t find a flaw in Apple’s drivers at all. It turns out, the defects exist in a third party card and software that was used to facilitate these… Read More