• DeliveryEdge Tumbles Into The Deadpool

    DeliveryEdge, the courier aggregator startup which refocused its business model several times in the past few years (and was previously known as LicketyShip until recently), appears to be in the deadpool. We wrote about the startup’s countless changes to its business model and tumultuous history as a startup here. When LicketyShip launched in 2006, the startup tried to deliver… Read More

  • LicketyShip: Founding CEO Out, Ditches Business Model To Focus On Couriers As A Web Service

    When Lickety Ship launched in late 2006 to deliver ecommerce items to purchasers within four hours of checkout, I asked if it would end any differently than the ill-fated Kozmo, which burned through $280 million in capital before a spectacular flame out in 2001. Kozmo didn’t charge for deliveries, and people would jokingly buy a packet of M&Ms or other small item and have it… Read More

  • Wakozi is Kozmo For Booze

    One of the great flameouts of the 1990s tech boom was Kozmo, which started in Manhattan, and let you order a pint of Ben & Jerry’s online and a Kozmo bike messenger would deliver it to your door. After burning through $280 million in capital, they closed shop. Well, now New Yorkers have Wakozi. It just launched and only covers Manhattan wine shops, liquor stores, and delis. … Read More

  • LicketyShip Now Making Speedy Deliveries All Over California

    Same day delivery service LicketyShip (previous coverage) is expanding out across the state from their initial beta in San Francisco and the Bay Area, joined by some new partners. LicketyShip has moved away from serving as a delivery service for online stores (like Kozmo), to servicing local door to door deliveries. You can use it for local business deliveries or last minute packages that need… Read More

  • Will Lickety Ship End Differently Than Kozmo?

    New startup LicketyShip, the Kozmo-like ecommerce service that delivers goods within a couple of hours of ordering, is counting on this holiday season to make a name for itself. The company, which we first noticed back in January, launched in September, but they’ve recently gotten a lot of mainstream press attention and are offering $9.99 delivery up through Christmas Eve. So while the… Read More

  • LicketyShip Offers Same-Day Product Delivery

    LicketyShip is a new service launching today (we spoke about it previously here) that allows you to shop online at a number of different local stores and to have products that you order delivered within 4 hours. It works by co-ordinating the online stores close to you with courier companies, allowing you to receive goods that you order very quickly. The service is currently in alpha though… Read More

  • Kozmo Nostalgia? Try LicketyShip

    Remember Kozmo? It was an immediate delivery ecommerce service that launched in 1998 (ahhh….1998…sigh). They’d deliver a packet of skittles, or a new Palm Pilot, to you within an hour. After burning through $280 million in venture capital, they called it quits in early 2001. Kozmo had plenty of demand, but its cost structure just didn’t make sense: free delivery… Read More

  • Nine Startups at E27 Summit

    I attended the E27 Technology Conference today at Stanford University. Startups founded by entrepreneurs who are less than 27 years old were eligible to present. With a couple of exceptions these companies were all new to me, and a few have the potential to be real winners. The E27 founders did a great job of picking quality attendees (lots of venture capitalists, big company representatives… Read More