UK surveillance regime dealt another blow in court

The UK government has suffered yet another defeat in the courts over a surveillance regime that critics have dubbed a ‘Snooper’s charter’. Today the UK High Court agreed with several

Liberty is crowdfunding a legal challenge to UK surveillance law

Civil liberties group Liberty has launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a U.K. High Court challenge to the bulk powers contained within a new domestic surveillance law.

Liberty Exits IAC For Evite, And $220M In Cash – Diller Steps Down As CEO

<img src="" class="shot2" /> Big move for <a href="">Liberty Media</a>, <a href="

Yeah, I'm never shopping at Best Buy ever again

<img src="" />So long as there is blood coursing through my dumb veins I will never shop at Best Buy again. Why? Because I feel the stor

The Hi-Tech Soldier: A Retrospective

Today is Memorial Day in the greatest country on Earth, the greatest country in history. CNET knows this and has a patriotic slide show featuring freedom-spreading technology the U.S. Army uses or pla