li-on battery

  • MIT engineers remodel the Li-ion battery to recharge in a matter of seconds

    MIT engineers, led by Professor Gerbrand Ceder, have developed a type of high-speed tunnel for transporting electrical energy through lithium iron phosphate. Why should we care what those snooty MIT engineers are up to? Because this new process could allow for smaller and lighter cell phone batteries that recharge in a matter of seconds rather than hours. It could also lead to a quick recharge… Read More

  • Panasonic presents electric bike recharging its battery via the braking system

    Last week Panasonic presented [JP] a new electric bicycle to be released on the Japanese market on August 20. The so-called Vivi RX 10-S will cost $1,400. Panasonic hasn’t said yet whether they will bring the bicycle to overseas markets as well. The bike’s main feature is a braking system that can recharge a 10Ah Li-ion secondary battery, which weighs 2.5kg, has a rated voltage of 26… Read More