• CERN releases 300TB of Large Hadron Collider data into open access

    CERN releases 300TB of Large Hadron Collider data into open access

    Cancel your plans for this weekend! CERN just dropped 300 terabytes of hot collider data on the world and you know you want to take a look. Read More

  • Here’s What The Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Through Google Glass

    Here’s What The Large Hadron Collider Looks Like Through Google Glass

    If Google is worried about Google Glass being too “nerdy”, they probably wouldn’t be sending people rockin’ the Glass into the heart of the most gloriously nerdy thing in the world, the Large Hadron Collider. Fortunately, Google doesn’t seem to care (nor should they) if their amazing little experiment gets a few knocks along the way. As a result, we get videos… Read More

  • Tom Hanks to turn on Large Hadron Collider – yes, that Tom Hanks

    I’m a fan of the movement which venerates society’s unsung heroes. The nerds, if I’m honest: engineers, physicists, chemists. And thousands of nerds have labored for thousands of days to create the ultimate experimental setup, the Large Hadron Collider. After a rocky start, it’ll be starting back up in June, and guess who’ll be throwing the switch? No, not someone… Read More

  • Controversial paper published detailing potential new particle found at Fermilab

    While I don’t have a theoretical physicist doctorate, the controversy swirling around this report indicates that someone found something important. Apparently, Fermilab scientists were performing a collision detection experiment when other unusual collisions were detected. What makes this strange is that these findings were not what the scientists were examining and in… Read More

  • Today in CG Comments: I am become Death, the buyer of Chanel

    ML Smith of some weird blogs commented on our pithy commentary between Audrina and Audrina’s co-worker on The Hills describing the Large Hadron Collider. Instead of a reasoned debate about the relative merits of Audrina vs. Heidi we were privy to long-winded commentary on Nagasaki and the potential for a second “Big Bang.” A short snippet: CLIC
    ML Smith Perhaps I have… Read More

  • LHC shut down for two months

    The world-destroying LHC has been shutdown after a large helium leak on Friday. The two-month hiatus isn’t just to fix the leak, but rather raise the selections temperature from near absolute zero to human survivable temps. Doesn’t this call into question the safety and reliability of the multi-billion dollar project though. The LHC fired up on September 10 for its… Read More

  • End of the world delayed while Large Hadron Collider cooling problem fixed, smashing to resume next week

    When it comes to running a gigantic machine capable of ripping a hole in the space-time continuum that could suck the entire earth (and more) into oblivion, it’s probably safe to assume that you can never be too careful. This week was supposed to be the week that the Large Hadron Collider sent two proton beams careening at almost the speed of light in opposite directions on a literal… Read More

  • Large Hadron Collider webcams

    Obviously the world didn’t end on Wednesday when the Large Hadron Collider fired its first particle beam. The geeks at the LHC aren’t going to make anything that will kill us. They even have a couple of webcams so wannabe’s like you and I can see what’s going on. So far, there are only two of ’em but I’m sure more will come later on. Just screenshots… Read More

  • Linux used for Large Hadron Collider project

    According to InternetNews.com, the Large Hadron Collider project that we’ve been hearing so much about runs a customized version of Linux called CernVM. Apparently it ran Vista at first, but the Aero interface kept slowing down the proton acceleration. Try as they might, scientists just couldn’t get the Windows Experience Index above a 4.2. I kid, I kid. There was also an… Read More

  • Large Hadron Collider picture set

    The eight billion dollar LHC didn’t destroy the world last night – that’s good – so here is a great photo set that shows off the fantastic 17-mile long collider. Read More

  • If you’re reading this, the world didn’t end last night

    Well it looks like a world-ending black hole wasn’t formed at the site of the Large Hadron Collider and that we will, in fact, be putting in a full day of work today, tomorrow, and almost every remaining day of our lives. Hooray for science! Read More

  • End of the world on Wednesday, take a half day today

    CERN’s Large Hadron Collider will be activated this Wednesday. The LHC is a 17-mile long underground tunnel near Geneva that houses the world’s most powerful particle accelerator. Scientists use all this doohickery to smash protons together in order to recreate what they think happened during the initial stages of the Big Bang, specifically “the singularity” —… Read More