• LeWeb: Wordy – more than just a spell-checker

    [Denmark] One thing that’s sometimes overlooked on the tech scene is content. But whether you like it or not, content is what makes the web go around. Or without it the internet environment would clearly be a bit less interesting. Wordy is a start up that among other things wants to step in and get rid of all the rambling blog posts out there. It’s a service that allows anyone… Read More

  • LeWeb: Mendeley – the last.fm for academics

    [UK] Mendeley wants to be the Last.fm for research papers. The company offers a free academic desktop software for managing and sharing research papers and a website where you can back up the data and connect to like-minded researchers. For anyone working on a thesis this might seem like a godsend. The service automatically extracts data from research papers and can also generate bibliographies. Read More

  • LeWeb: Superfeedr – the lube for the real-time web?

    [US] Superfeedr wants to help you out with all your feed needs and hope to be “the lube for the real-time web”. Interesting. The service promises to collect up to a 1000 feeds for free and push them to users in real time, which in reality means less than 15 minutes. The service turns feeds into one standardised format and users can add any atom or RSS feeds they want, but also… Read More

  • LeWeb: LiqPay wants to digitalise our coins

    [Ukraine] LiqPay is a startup that wants to compete with Paypal by allowing its users to withdraw and send money with their mobile phones for free. The service allows users to send money from Visa or MasterCard cards to an account linked to a mobile phone number. Money can then be withdrawn or transferred by sending SMS invitations to clients, customers or banks. Read More

  • LeWeb: Stay fit with the iPhone says RunKeeper

    [US] Are you constantly attached to your iPhone? Do you like to stay fit? Why not combine the two? That’s the thought behind Fitnesskeeper an app for smart phones that allows runners, cyclists and other outdoorsy sporty types to track their process and training. The app is an extension of RunKeeper that does pretty much the same thing, only for runners. If RunKeeper’s success… Read More

  • LeWeb: Sports predictions tells you where to place your bets

    [Denmark] Sports predictions is a service that might make all the football geeks out there salivate a bit. The site hopes to attract sports geeks and betting fans by promising to deliver scientific premier league predictions. Read More

  • LeWeb: Kukunu wants to be your travel agent online

    [UK] Kukunu is a London based start up that aims to replace traditional travel agents. The founders Gerald Goldstein and Itamar Lesuisse wants to help people build their holidays online, with the tag-line ”travel is better when you plan it yourself”. Most reasonably tech-savvy people already know this and can find their way around all those price comparison and hotel review sites… Read More

  • LeWeb: Shutl launches near-instant gratification for online shoppers

    Online shopping has come along in leaps and bounds since 1994 when the first e-commerce transaction actually occurred — but as dotcom bombs UrbanFetch and Kozmo proved, delivery can be the most painful point in the ecommerce chain. Enter Shutl, which today launches an on-demand delivery platform that aggregates transportation carriers. Think of it as cloud computing for the logistics… Read More

  • LeWeb: Storific riffs on hyperlocal, real-time conversation through social media

    [FRANCE] Another startup pitching on their home turf is Storific, which is all about getting companies and customers talking to each other using the de facto social media avenues we know as Twitter and Facebook. It’s your classic ‘opt-in for great rewards’ model that drives the plethora of email newsletter services which most companies still rely on as their mainstay of… Read More

  • LeWeb: Sokoz turns real-time auctions into web entertainment

    [FRANCE] Sokoz is a quick-fire real-time, reverse auction platform in beta that makes bidding for online goods dangerously fun for the shopping-addicted. The site is available in French and English. Each auction starts with a top price which begins to fall until either the reserve price is reached or all units of the product are passed. Like a shopping channel TV show, live sales begin at… Read More

  • LeWeb: Cost-control for cloud computing from CloudSplit

    [IRELAND] CloudSplit, a real-time analytics tool working towards private beta, helps businesses understand where their cloud computing costs are going and hopefully saves them from the shock of a massive bill when the PUT and GET requests come thick and fast. This is pretty exciting stuff, when you consider that Amazon itself doesn’t have a solution like this for its own customers. You… Read More

  • LeWeb: Task.ly promises to-do management with added sexy

    [RUSSIA] Here’s something that ought to get personal productivity geeks a little bit hot under the collar. Task.ly, not yet launched, approaches to-do management with the same re-engineering focus that Google Wave’s creators took to email. The prototyped product looks very exciting. It incorporates some fairly obvious features that make a task management app kick butt, like having… Read More

  • LeWeb: Tigerlily targets community management with Facebook Page tools

    [FRANCE] French startup Tigerlily offers a white label Facebook Page management system that makes community management a heck of a lot easier than Facebook intended. In essence, the tool set encompasses flexible contest and quiz widgets to customize a Facebook Page, and is targeted at media groups, large brands and their agencies and marketers. The FPMS uses ‘Share’ buttons on… Read More

  • LeWeb: Stribe's plug and play social networks – with a difference?

    [FRANCE/US] Stribe is a plug and play service to instantly create a social network on any website — not unlike competitors Ning, socialthing and meebo. It was founded in March 2008 by Kamel Zeroual, Gaël Delalleau and Demba Diallo, who launched Stribe at TechCrunch50 in September this year. The B2B offer is simple — site administrators can copy and paste a bit of javascript, and… Read More

  • LeWeb: FriendBinder controls social network noise

    [UK] With the mass of social networking sites and tools out there comes the dire need for aggregators to unite the threads and bring order to the chaos. One of the latest such offerings is FriendBinder, an aggregator launched in beta in September that combines all your friends activity across multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, YouTube, Last.fm… Read More

  • Marissa Mayer Talks Google Search, Chrome, Online News And More At Le Web

    TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington this afternoon interviewed Marrissa Mayer, Google’s VP of Search Product and User Experience, at the Le Web conference here in Paris, France. Last year, Arrington interviewed Mayer on stage at Le Web too, and Google took Chrome out of beta that day and talked about Searchwiki. This year, no announcements were made, but Mayer shared her thoughts on all… Read More

  • Niklas Zennström Talks European Entrepreneurship At Le Web 2009

    Niklas Zennström, half of the infamous duo that started companies like Kazaa, Skype, Joost and Rdio, took the stage at the Le Web conference this afternoon to talk innovation in Europe and the lessons he’s learned as a European entrepreneur for the last 9 years. Zennström said he found it encouraging to find that so many European entrepreneurs and startups are busy building… Read More

  • Le Web 2009 Roundtable: What Makes A Platform, Exactly?

    This is an overview of what was said during the panel conversation at Le Web on Platforms, which was moderated by our own Mike Arrington. (right) Lots of panelists for this particular discussion – the conference organizers managed to get all of these people on one stage: Ethan Beard (Director, Facebook Developer Network), Cristian Cussen (Director of Business Development at Ning)… Read More

  • LeWeb 09 Live Startups Coverage on TechCrunch Europe

    Le Web in Paris kicked off today and as we’ve previously mentioned, TechCrunch Europe is co-organising the Startup Competition. We’re breaking the news about the startups launching at the event as they happen, so please tune in to our RSS feed and our Twitter account @TCEurope to get the latest updates. Tomorrow we’ll be publishing as wrap on the finalists and the… Read More

  • LeWeb goes back to its roots: tech, startups and Europe

    LeWeb has published its schedule for the upcoming global conference for tech in Paris, and it’s looking pretty good. TechCrunch Europe is a media partner and is helping to organise the startup competition, so that’s our interest declared. That said Loic and Geraldine Le Meur have clearly finessed the event back towards tech companies and brought a new focus on Europe I think. Here… Read More