Postable Offers An Alternative To The Handwritten “Thank You” Card, With Results That May Fool Your Nana

A handwritten note is becoming a lost art in the age of email, Facebook, SMS, and more messaging apps than you can count. But if anything, that rarity has only led to increase its value and perceived

Mailround goes electronic as Finland tries scanning its post

<img src="http://nicke.fi/techcrunch/itella.jpg" class="shot2" />Would you like to read the regular postal mail that comes through your letterbox on a PC, e-reader or mobile over breakfast? Then move

High Fructose Corn Syrup mob tries to take down our own Doug Aamoth

Our writer Doug Aamoth is currently in protective custody after the High Fructose Corn Syrup Council sent an email to us informing us of “incorrect” “facts” about “deadly

An Open Letter to Microsoft Re: Zune

Dear Microsoft, Blake Robinson here. I’ve been a Zune user from the beginning despite resounding clamor railing against my support. It’s a decent device that gets the job done as well as a