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Let’s Encrypt issues 3 billion HTTPS certificates

Nonprofit certificate authority Let’s Encrypt hit a major milestone earlier this month: it issued its three billionth HTTPS certificate. The Let’s Encrypt project was founded in 2013 to provid

Let’s Encrypt’s root certificate has expired, and it might break your devices

One of the largest providers of HTTPS certificates, Let’s Encrypt, saw its root certificate expire this week — meaning you might need to upgrade your devices to prevent them from breaking. Let&#82

With Chrome 70, hundreds of popular websites are about to break

A lot of secure sites are set to grind to a halt with security error messages in the next version of Google Chrome, after the browser will drop trust for a major HTTPS certificate provider following a

Three years later, Let’s Encrypt has issued over 380 million HTTPS certificates

Bon anniversaire, Let’s Encrypt! The free-to-use nonprofit was founded in 2014 in part by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and is backed by Akamai, Google, Facebook, Mozilla and more. Three

Firefox users chalk up HTTPS encryption milestone

A majority of Mozilla users were served encrypted pageloads for the first time yesterday, meaning their web browsing data was secured from snoopers and hackers while in transit.

Let’s Encrypt free HTTPS certification push exits beta

An initiative to encourage more websites to encrypt connections by offering free digital certificates has today exited beta, six months on from its initial launch -- the idea behind Let's Encrypt bein

WordPress.com turns on HTTPS encryption for all websites

WordPress.com is <a target="_blank" href="https://en.blog.wordpress.com/2016/04/08/https-everywhere-encryption-for-all-wordpress-com-sites/">adding</a> HTTPS support for all its blogs. If you have a c


Bad enough when some scrappy little startup comes to town and disrupts your profit margins into oblivion. Even worse--to any right-thinking capitalist--when a motley crew of idealistic do-gooders snea