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A diversity and inclusion playbook

You’d be hard-pressed to find a tech company that said it wished it had waited longer to implement on diversity and inclusion efforts. The examples of tech companies “doing it right”

Slack’s director of engineering, Leslie Miley, doesn’t believe in diversity quotas

Silicon Valley has a huge diversity problem, but a blunt instrument hiring quotas for diverse candidates still isn’t the answer, according to Slack head of engineering Leslie Miley. Instead, Si

Former Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley Lands At Recruiting Startup Entelo

Leslie Miley, the engineering manager who left Twitter over the way senior executives at the company were talking about diversity, is now the director of engineering at a recruiting software startup c

Twitter SVP Of Engineering On His Comments About Diversity: “I Did A Poor Job Communicating”

Twitter SVP of Engineering Alex Roetter had been relatively silent in the hours and days following Leslie Miley’s post about leaving Twitter due to concerns around race, diversity and inclusion. Wel

Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley Leaves Company Because Of Diversity Issues

Twitter Engineering Manager Leslie Miley, one of the few black engineers in a leadership position at Twitter, just publicly announced that he has left the company. In his post, he says his reasons for