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Sources: Lensa AI backer exits Servers.com for $200M

A backer of the Lensa AI app, which sent AI-generated images from Stable Diffusion rocketing into mainstream social media, has just exited a company for a substantial amount of money, say well-placed

AI art apps are cluttering the App Store’s Top Charts following Lensa AI’s success

Lensa AI’s popularity has had a notable impact on the App Store’s Top Charts. The photo and video editing app recently went viral over its new “magic avatars” feature, powered

Prisma Labs, maker of Lensa AI, says it is working to prevent accidental generation of nudes

We recently uncovered that Lensa AI can be tricked into creating NSFW images. When TechCrunch made the Prisma team aware of its findings, the company’s CEO replied with its findings. Prisma Lab&

It’s way too easy to trick Lensa AI into making NSFW images

Lensa has been climbing the app store hit lists with its avatar-generating AI that is making artists wave the red flag. Now there’s another reason to fly the flag: As it turns out, it’s po

Lensa AI, the app making ‘magic avatars,’ raises red flags for artists

If your Instagram is awash in algorithmically generated portraits of your friends, you aren’t alone. After adding a new avatar generation tool based on Stable Diffusion, the photo editing app Le

Lensa AI climbs the App Store charts as its ‘magic avatars’ go viral

It might seem like Lensa AI sprung up overnight when suddenly, your friends are all posting artistic renditions of themselves that they generated on the app. But while the Lensa AI app itself has been