This VC introduced Palantir’s first business hire to its earliest engineer, then his business took off

You might not know of XYZ Venture Capital, a four-year-old, San Francisco-based seed-stage venture firm, but many veterans of Palantir are surely aware of it. XYZ says it has already backed 22 startup

LendUp gets strategic investment from PayPal and adds to its executive team

LendUp has built business providing personal loans to customers that traditional financial institutions wouldn't touch. As it looks to expand into credit cards and other services, the company has ra

LendUp launches a better credit card for people looking to improve their credit

LendUp has spent the last several years helping people who couldn't get a loan build their credit and improve their financial well-being. Now the company is looking to empower those with little or no

“Good guy” loan startup LendUp pays $6.3M for overcharging violations

LendUp was supposed to be different than the payday loan sharks that rip off the poor when they need emergency cash. But in its early days, LendUp charged customers illegal fees, miscalculated interes

LendUp fights big banks with $47M for compassionate credit cards

Banks win when the poor lose. Credit cards can trap people in debt and bleed them dry with late fees. But it’s this exploitative experience that makes banks vulnerable to fintech startups like L

LendUp Scores $150M For A Credit Card That Won’t Screw You Over

Banks are so greedy that LendUp can undercut them, help people avoid debt, and still make a profit on its payday loans and credit card. Not only is software eating finance, but morality is too. LendUp

LendUp Raises $50 Million To Disrupt Payday Lending

Y Combinator-incubated payday loan disruptor LendUp has raised a $50 million credit debt facility from Victory Park Capital. This adds to the $18 million in equity funding LendUp has raised from inves

LendUp Raises $14M From Google Ventures, Data Collective To Disrupt Payday Lending

Y Combinator-incubated payday loan disruptier <a target="_blank" href="https://www.lendup.com/">LendUp</a> has raised $14 million in new funding from Google Ventures, QED (a firm that includes the fou

Aiming To Disrupt Payday Lending, a16z-Backed LendUp Now Offers Instant Online And Mobile Loans

Y Combinator-incubated <a target="_blank" href="https://www.lendup.com/">LendUp</a> launched in October <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2012/10/10/lendup-raises-cash-from-kleiner-perkins-andreessen-ho

LendUp Raises Cash From Kleiner Perkins, Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures And Others To Disrupt Payday Loans

A new Y Combinator-incubated startup is entering the fintech scene today, aiming to disrupt payday loans and consumer finance. <a target="_blank" href="https://www.lendup.com/">LendUp,</a> is leveragi