• An Exhausting, Continuous Review Of The Leica M9

    Our own review of the M9 pales in comparison to thislabor of love by Thorsten Overgaard who has been shooting with the storied digital since 2009 and continuously updates his post with commentary, pictures, and advice. Not only is he a great, quirky photographer he writes passionately about the places he visits and, most important, the camera itself. Read More

  • Look, A Fujifilm X100 Next To A Leica M3

    While it’s not the carbon copy some seem to think it is, the X100 does take a lot of design cues from Leica and this generation of cameras in general. I’m dying to get my hands on one of these, though that $1200 price tag is a little intimidating. Lots more comparison pics and other X100 porn at Nokton’s Flickr page. [via 43rumors and PetaPixel] Read More

  • Video: The Titanium Leica M9 Gets Unboxed

    I’m genuinely surprised that the $32,000 Titanium Leica M9 ships in a cardboard box. I’d expect nothing less than a titanium crate and a Jack Bauer wannabe. That said, it if can’t handle a little FedEx abuse, how’s it going to survive war zones, impoverished countries, and misuse by trust fund babies? [via Engadget] Read More

  • Leica Teams With BMW For Special Edition X1 Camera

    Leica likes to make special edition cameras. Good or bad, that’s how they roll. The latest is a special BMW edition of the X1 camera. What’s special about it? Nothing. Not a damn thing. Read More

  • How Leicas Are Born

    It’s not every day you see how the sausage is made. This is how Leica puts together their famous M9 camera – by hand, all done by men in white lab coats. It’s an impressive bit of engineering to be sure and pricing aside, this is an incredible camera. Click through for one more walk-through video. Read More

  • Someone Paid Over $500,000 For This Leica

    As much as I’d like to say it’s ridiculous that someone has paid half a million dollars for this experimental 1958 MP2 Leica, it’s really no more ridiculous than paying for a piece of art by an old master or famous contemporary artist. In that case, you’re paying for a piece of art history, and in the Leica’s case, it’s a piece of photographic history. Read More

  • Hands-on With Leica's 2010 Line-Up

    We didn’t get a chance to go out to Photokina this year so Photokina – or at least Leica’s portion of it – came to us. I got a closer look at four of Leica’s new cameras, the all-black X1, the DLUX 5, and the V-LUX 2 along with the new Titanium M9, one of the most outlandish cameras I’ve seen in a while. The V-LUX 2 is Leica’s ultrazoom priced at $849… Read More

  • Titanium Leica M9 Is Titanium

    Honestly. At this point these people are just releasing a new finish for each of their cameras every few months and seeing who bites. Personally, I don’t have enough cash to be dropping used-car cash on a camera, though I might make an exception for Fujifilm’s FinePix X100, which can truly be said to be fine — in the flyest sense of the word. [image: David Farkas; via… Read More

  • Leica To Unveil EVIL Camera On Monday?

    Leica rumors are usually pretty subdued, since the company doesn’t exactly make consumer cameras. But if they’re getting on the EVIL train, that’s worth shouting from the rooftops. Read More

  • Review: Leica M9

    This review is by photographer Rich Svinkin. “Nice Equipment.” It took a second to process that the wedding photographer was talking about my camera. It was the shock of phrasing, not the awe displayed, that startled me. When I’m carrying this beauty around I get stopped by strangers all the time. Camera junkies are boundary blind like dog lovers. And like a champion breed… Read More

  • Leica is not going to be happy about the Likea MPH

    So you can’t afford to pop for a real Leica MP camera. Not a problem! Some enterprising bloke has a cheapskate alternative for you, the Likea MPH. Sure, it’s not the real thing, but it looks close and it’s $4,575 cheaper then an actual Leica. Read More

  • Hands-on with the new Leica line: Sexytime

    Say what you want about Leica but they make some beautiful glass and some great cameras. Today I saw the 18-megapixel M9 (New Yorkers take note: Leica will have loaner units at the New York Photo Festival), the 12-megapixel X1, and the brand new V-LUX 20. I didn’t get a chance to shoot much but from what I saw the manual controls on the X1 are excellent and its designed primarily as… Read More

  • The Leica V-Lux 20 gets its own unboxing video

    Even though I know the just-announced Leica V-Lux 20 is nothing more than a rebadged Panasonic DMC-ZS7, I still want it. Bad. I think it’s just because it’s from Lecia and my heart is speaking louder than my brain. Anyway, the camera is now rolling out to select retailers this is where we get this unboxing video from. Man I want this camera. Read More

  • Great, an underwater case for a Leica M8 – who's got $8000 to spare?

    If you’ve got the nerves to take your precious Leica M8 underwater… well, I salute you. I don’t think I could take such a sweet piece of kit below the waves unless they made one waterproof to begin with. But I suppose if they’re going to charge this much for an underwater housing, one can be fairly certain that they stand behind their product. Read More

  • The Leica V-Lux 20 gets official

    There isn’t much to say here. We already knew that the Leica V-Lux 20 was going to be a DMC-ZS7 clone with the same 12.1 MP 25-300mm lens arrangement, GPS, and 3-inch LCD. And we were really close on the price, too, stating that it would retail for €549 where in fact it’s coming with a €499 MSRP. So yeah, there isn’t much to say here but you may wanna click through to view… Read More

  • The Leica V-Lux 20 gets pictured and detailed

    Bits of info has been leaking onto the interwebs about a new upcoming Leica the last few weeks. The V-Lux 20 is all but been revealed now though with specs, pics and launch info. God bless the Internet. Read More

  • Leica M7 Hermès edition, unboxed and lovely

    Ahhh, Leica special editions. How you love to come out, and cost lots of money. The Hermès edition is no exception, though, as expected, the design is still 99.9% the same as the other Leicas. But this one has a delicious special-process orange leather grip, plus a special 35mm f/1.4 Summilux lens made using a new process that makes it as light as the black alloy lenses, but chromed like… Read More

  • Leica M9 available for pre-order

    Time to bust out that wallet and preorder that new Leica! The M9 is now available for pre-order, and it’s pretty impressive. 18 megapixel, using a custom designed sensor from Kodak, the M9 is a digital viewfinder camera, and part of Leica’s new line. Read More

  • Leica S2-p revealed and unboxed

    Here’s an unboxing of the new Leica S2-p, done by happy new owner Matthew Harrison. Matthew hasn’t just unboxed his new toy, he’s also written a first impression review. [Thanks to Leica Rumors for the tip] Read More

  • Leica M9 up for pre-orders (can I borrow $7k?)

    The $6,995 Leica M9 is available for pre-order at B&H. You’re probably excited. I would be too if I had the cash to buy the 18MP digital rangefinder. Just look at it; you know you want it. Forget that down payment on a house. You should buy this camera instead. It will probably hold its value better. [B&H via Leica Rumors] Read More