• Congress Can Fuel Tech Growth Crunch Network

    Congress Can Fuel Tech Growth

    Without prompt action from lawmakers and regulators, much of what fuels a critical segment of the U.S. economy — especially tech-savvy California — is at risk. U.S. wireless networks and the companies that rely on world-class connectivity could experience stagnation or decline due to a shortage of spectrum. Estimates suggest that agencies hold as much as 70 percent of the spectrum… Read More

  • Can We Get Entrepreneurs And Politicians To Speed Date? Crunch Network

    Can We Get Entrepreneurs And Politicians To Speed Date?

    Entrepreneurs need to be more politically engaged. When we think of regulatory hurdles that entrepreneurs face, we think about Uber and Airbnb. But outdated policies affect startups in every industry, including banking, healthcare and transportation. Read More

  • Can Decency Be Legislated? Crunch Network

    Can Decency Be Legislated?

    You may never have heard of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. However, the 1996 federal law has shaped how you have used the Internet for nearly two decades. Section 230 provides Internet service providers, websites and other online services with broad legal immunity for content that is provided by users. Read More

  • Hollaback! Is One In A Global Community Of Crowdsourced Apps And Blogs Fighting Back Against Street Harassment

    Hollaback! Is One In A Global Community Of Crowdsourced Apps And Blogs Fighting Back Against Street Harassment

    On Monday, an app called Hollaback! relaunched in New York City with an unveiling in Brooklyn by Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn. Since its release in 2011, Hollaback! has created a crowdsourced map of street harassment incidents directed at women and LGBTQ individuals with the hope of putting a stop to catcalling and other forms of sexual harassment. Read More

  • The Parable Of The Wheel

    The Parable Of The Wheel

    There’s a war brewing against the Internet, and it’s not just SOPA (the bill in Congress that threatens to break the Internet in the name of fighting overseas content piracy). It is, in the words of Cory Doctorow, a “war on general-purpose computing.” (read his post, “Lockdown,” on BoingBoing if you haven’t already). What he means is that in trying… Read More

  • You're under arrest, citizen, for crossing the street while talking on the phone

    Mother of god. I’m supportive of the handheld ban while driving, but while walking? Well, if Representative Kenneth Duncan of Illinois gets his way, you’ll have to hang up at every crosswalk. How unbelievably idiotic is that? He even has a backer for the bill, Illinois’ Secretary of State, who thinks it should be softened to being a secondary offense, only applicable to… Read More

  • Senators Propose Internet Filtering Legislation

    Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii) and Ted “The Tube” Stevens (R-Alaska) have proposed a bipartisan bill to add Internet filtering and monitoring to the… ummm… Internet? While the plan is all but impossible, their goal is simple: to think of the children. To that end, Msrs. Stevens and Inouye will each stand at one end of the Internet tube and keep bad stuff from going in and… Read More