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Protesters call on Salesforce to end contract with border patrol agency

A dozen or so people accompanied by a 14-foot, 800-pound cage gathered in downtown San Francisco Tuesday morning to protest Salesforce’s┬ácontract with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP), the

Atrium raises $65M from a16z to replace lawyers with machine learning

Let the computers do the legal busy work so attorneys can focus on complex problem solving for their clients. That’s the lucrative idea behind Atrium LTS, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan’s ma

FairClaims raises $1.8 million to be a virtual ‘Judge Judy’

Two years ago, Stephen Kane was looking for his next big idea. A lawyer who previously worked for the mega-firm O'Melveny & Myers and then spent time at Lex Machina, a software company that analyz

Justin Kan confirms $10.5 million in funding for his legal tech startup Atrium LTS

In April we reported that founder and Y Combinator alum Justin Kan had assembled a team to "disrupt the legal industry" and was raising $10 million to do so. This week Kan confirmed that the

Legaltech set to bail out legal services

We all remember the horrors that followed the failure of the subprime. All of a sudden, we faced a collapse of the entire financial system. Surrounded by bankruptcy and devastation, even the optimists

The New Promises Of France’s Legal Tech Startups

Where there is friction, there are business opportunities. In France, a host of startups are flourishing with the promise to ease the pain of paperwork from user-unfriendly administrations or banks. E

Online Attorney Marketplace UpCounsel Raises $1.5 Million, Opens Its Patent Practice To All

UpCounsel has spent the last year building out its marketplace to provide its clients with affordable legal services. After serving more than 1,000 startups and small businesses, the company has raise