• Forum Site Lefora Gobbled Up By CrowdGather

    Los Angeles based CrowdGather, which offers forums for online communities, has aquired the assets of Silicon Valley based Lefora. The size of the all-stock transaction isn’t being disclosed. Lefora, founded by Paul Bragiel, first launched in 2008. It’s notable because of how simple it is for users to create and embed forums onto their sites. Read More

  • Tal.ki: The Easiest Way To Add A Forum To A Website

    If you like dead simple, you’ll like Tal.ki, a new forum product from Lefora. Go to this page, grab the embed link, put it on a website and you’ve got a forum. And users don’t have to create accounts – they can sign in via a variety of services like Facebook, Twitter. Google, Yahoo or OpenID. See a sample forum here. Read More

  • Anatomy Of A Failure: Lessons Learned

    This post was written by guest contributor Paul Bragiel, founder of Meetro, a location-aware instant messaging platform that was DeadPooled last month. Bragiel is also the founder hosted forum solution Lefora. See our coverage of these two companies here, along with our first post on Meetro in August 2005. Also see our post titled What To Do With Failed Startup IP?. In the spirit of openness… Read More

  • Meetro Abandoned for Lefora, A Hosted Forum Solution

    Meetro is finally coming out of the closet with the hosted forum solution we anticipated last October, and it’s pretty much what we expected it to be: a white label platform like Ning except without all that social networking humbo jumbo, just good old fashioned discussion threads. The product, once codenamed “Makaha”, is now officially known as Lefora. The team behind Meetro… Read More