LeEco says its acquisition of Vizio remains on track despite FTC charge

Earlier this week smart TV maker Vizio settled an FTC charge for nefariously collecting data from its customers, but that isn’t deterring China’s LeEco from completing a $2 billion acquisi

Vizio settles for $2.2 million in FTC suit over snooping on consumers’ viewing habits

TV maker Vizio will pay $2.2 million to settle a lawsuit after it was shown that for years the company has been secretly collecting viewing data and selling it to third parties. The penalty may seem l

LeEco’s TVs and smartphones are coming to Best Buy, Amazon and Target December 1

Despite recent setbacks, LeEco has big retail ambitions in China

LeEco may have had some high-profile setbacks in recent weeks, with news coming from the company that it had overextended itself financially in some areas, but the Chinese electronics maker and servic

LeEco secures $600M in fresh funding as financial issues reportedly halt electric car project

There's good news and bad news for LeEco, the ambitious Chinese tech company that is working on electric cars, smartphones, smart TVs and more.

LeEco’s Super Bike isn’t electric, but it sure has a lot of gadgets attached

The LeEco Super Bike may be the perfect analogy for the company that created it. It’s a strange amalgamation that patches together a lot of disparate ideas in a less than elegant way. It’s clearly

LeEco offers a budget take on Gear VR

LeEco is a weird company and the ExploreVR is a weird headset. It’s essentially a Gear VR competitor that promises to deliver a low-end virtual reality experience for a fraction of the price of Sams

Crunch Report | First Hyperloop Will Be Built in UAE

It's looking like the first Hyperloop will be built in the UAE, Facebook is testing a job openings feature, Tesla plans to increase manufacturing automation by acquiring Grohmann Engineering, LeEco is

Is LeEco really in trouble?

Billionaire CEO Yueting Jia told employees in a letter last week that the company’s rapid growth was leading to stagnation and management problems at LeEco, and announced that he would invest $1

LeEco’s smartphones and TVs go on sale in the US today

You’ve seen the hype, surely. LeEco put on a heck of a spectacle in San Francisco the other week, with a US debut that featured everything from bicycles and electric cars to a cameo appearance by be

LeEco takes on Apple, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Samsung, Oculus, Tesla and Uber in US debut

LeEco is not a household name in the States. You don’t see their products in Walmart or Best Buy. Chances are you don’t know anyone that uses LeEco’s movie streaming service or a LeE

LeEco’s bringing two phones and a VR headset to the US

Go big or go home, right? LeEco threw a heck of a lot at the proverbial walls today during its big event in San Francisco designed to introduce the so-called “Netflix of China” to the US. It’s a

LeEco is launching a US video service with some high profile partners

After much pomp and circumstance around ecosystems and philosophy, LeEco finally debuted something new at today’s massive press conference in San Francisco. Perhaps predictably, one of the first US-

What is LeEco and why should you care?

Maybe you’ve heard of LeEco (nee LeTV). Maybe you’ve seen some news about the company’s phones or its plans to launch a car. If you live in the U.S., however, odds are pretty good that your know

China’s LeEco raises $1.08B to build its electric car

The Chinese market for electric vehicles is hot, and the latest indicator is a $1.08 billion raise from China’s LeEco, a Beijing-based web video company (which now dabbles in everything from tel

LeEco picks up an English language film production company

In its press material, LeEco refers to as a “global internet company,” a phrase that doesn’t really mean that much on the face of it – but when you’re LeEco, it’s probably best to be purpo

This could be Faraday Future’s answer to the Tesla Model X

Faraday Future is driving a camouflaged version of a real upcoming production EV in LA, according to Electrek. The site reports that a candid shot of a covered-up SUV is actually a test vehicle from t

LeEco plans to build a $1.8 billion plant to take on Tesla

LeEco’s not just messing around with this whole electric car deal. Back in April, the Chinese electronics company best known for its TVs and smartphone (once named LeTV, if that rings more bells) ca

LeEco set to acquire US TV maker Vizio for $2 billion

You’d be forgiven if you’re not super familiar with LeEco. The company, until fairly recently known as LeTV, isn’t exactly a household name here in the States. In its native China, however, the

LeEco wheels out its own self-driving electric concept car, following deals with Faraday Future and Aston Martin

If you know LeEco at all, it’s likely for the Chinese company’s smartphones. Or, maybe you’ve caught wind of its video streaming services or smart televisions — it was known as LeTV until fair