• How Intelligent Lighting Is Ushering In The Internet Of Buildings Crunch Network

    How Intelligent Lighting Is Ushering In The Internet Of Buildings

    The LED revolution is over. To no one’s surprise, LEDs have won. Solid-state lighting is changing how we light the world, successfully displacing traditional illumination sources across every part of the global lighting market. Over the next few years, billions of sockets will be in play. This transition has kicked off a new phase of LED adoption — the race to connect every socket. Read More

  • The Mantis LED Light Is Great For Traveling

    One thing we night owls know about working at night is that lighting is key. Too much or too little can cause some serious strain. That’s why people come up with versatile clip-on LED task lights like the Mantis. The Mantis lights up your workspace by clip mounting the light anywhere. You can also use it as a free standing unit. The Mantis has 11 LEDs in a sort of rocket ship… Read More

  • What's Inside Those LED Bulbs, Anyway?

    Generally you see a light bulb and you think “yep, a light bulb.” But when you see an LED bulb, you might pause and say “wait, isn’t there more to an LED than there is to incandescents?” And you’d be right to pause. But because they’re very expensive, you would be wrong to bust one open and examine the contents. Fortunately, these guys made that… Read More

  • Duroflash LED road lights effectively replace flares

    Forget about roadside flares. You don’t need them anymore now that there’s a gadget that can do the same thing. The Duroflash LEDs are simple little lights that do the same job but better. They’re waterproof, super bright, available in several colors, and can support up to 20,000 lbs. But they’re a bit pricey, and so chances are you’re not going to see your… Read More

  • DIY: Avatar fiber optic jungle

    Inspired by Avatar, this crafty fellow created his own version of the Pandora jungle. Made using conductive thread, fiber optic strands, and LEDs, he built a rather impressive looking patch of grass that lights up when you touch it. I’m not sure what the practical usage of this would be, but it’s one of those projects that is just cool to look at. Read More

  • $100 LED lamp uses "quantum dots" to imitate more natural light

    As we move away (as a species) from wasteful incandescent bulbs, we’re going to have to deal with some changes in how the world looks. The cold, bright light of a white LED array is great for a flashlight, but a little clinical for mood lighting. Similar issues plague CFL bulbs, and let’s not even get into the flicker. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have to go into this… Read More

  • My lord's $120 lightbulb has arrived, my lord

    If cost is no object and all you care about is energy savings (you rich, selfless bastard you), then this light bulb should be your first consideration. The GeoBulb is an LED bulb that produces the same light as a 60-watt incandescent with just 7.5 watts — a power savings of almost 90 percent. The problem is, it costs $120, a price increase of about a gazillion percent over regular… Read More

  • Mud powered Dirtlamp for environmentalists

    I know you hate burning oil and coal, you hate fission and everything that results in two headed cows. Dirtlamp seems to be an environmentally friendly way to light your habitat. Read More

  • DIY LED lamp for your bike

    This looks pretty cool, even if it could be mistaken for being steampunk. I like being able to have my light blink, personally, but it would also be nice to be able to mess with the LEDs or put in colored ones. What, it’s the season! Make DIY merry, people!
    [via MAKE] Read More

  • Smart Lighting brings it all back to 1999

    Boston University, home of the Fightin’ Aristocrats, is working on “Smart Lighting” that includes LED lights and a optical networking adapter. Each light works as its own access point and can mesh together for full in-home coverage. Instead of transmitted radio waves, the system pulses an LED to all an sundry, ensuring that outsiders can’t piggyback on your network… Read More

  • Party Rats, the ultimate accessory for dancing poorly

    Every time I go to a wild and crazy rave, someone always points out the lack of rodents. They’re always like, “Man, this party is bumpin’. If only someone had thought to bring a bunch of rodents, my night would be truly remarkable.” Now, thanks to Party Rats, you can be that someone. You can make the night remarkable. At first glance, Party Rats seem simple. Read More

  • Casio GS-1200 to use LEDs to tweak analog hand position

    A new Casio movement for the GS-1200 Tough line – a radio controlled watch model built for shock resistance – has internal LEDs that calibrate the analog hands of the watch. The movement has a structure where the gears for second, minute and hour are sandwiched between the LED and the phototransistor. With this setup, it is possible to detect the positions of three gears by… Read More

  • The Wave: 480 motion-sensing LEDs in a table, just for fun

    [photopress:LED_Table.jpg,full,left]Sure, it’s no Microsoft’s Surface, but it’s pretty cool anyway. Using an array of infrared sensors and a CPU, the LED table tracks motion and activates the LCDs in response. It’s not as expensive as Surface, but of course it does a whole lot less. That being said, $2,215 sounds a bit steep still. The Wave Interactive LED Coffee… Read More

  • Sound-activated LEDs could prevent injury

    [photopress:soundled.jpg,full,center] If that bar I got kicked out off at the weekend had these LED lights along the staircase, I may not have fallen down them, resulting in my current minor injuries. Or did I fall up the stairs? Who knows? Anyway, for $10 per pair, these LEDs can be yours. The battery-operated lights detect sound, so they’ll only turn on when you or your loved ones… Read More

  • I Love (TwistTogether) Lamp

    Over the weekend my roommate and I dropped by Cafe Habana in NYC’s Nolita and we enjoyed some great food and coffee. On top of the great eats, Cafe Habana is an eco-eatery by way of biodegradable corn-starch cups and silverware, post-consumer recycled paper goods, and high-efficiency light sources. One such light source caught my roommate’s eye and it was the neatest fixture… Read More

  • Cyclists Always Get The Coolest Jackets

    Safety gear for cyclists just got a little cooler thanks to Michael Chen. His cycling jacket, the Reactiv, is geeked out with LEDs that indicate whether you’re breaking, turning or accelerating. He hopes to get this into production by years end and it will hopefully reach the masses for around $200. Cycling jacket with built-in brake lights and indicators [Spluch] Read More

  • Wii Crystal Cooler: If a Cooling Fan Could Look Stylish, It'd Look Like This

    Wow, purdy. It’s the Wii Crystal Cooler from Brando, a stand and system fan for the Nintendo Wii. Unlike the fan we saw last week, this one actually looks pretty great, what with its shiny blueness and all. Thankfully, you can turn the LED off with the flick of a switch. Somewhere, Mike Elgan is very pleased with himself. $20. If I had a Wii, that is, if I could find one, I’d be… Read More

  • The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere

    It was the blinking of the hideous lights! Computerworld’s Mike Elgan is angry at gadget manufacturers who put silly, useless lights all over today’s gadgets. Computer monitors have lights to tell you they’re on; routers and modems blink incessantly whenever they’re plugged in; BlackBerrys and other cellphone blink seemingly whenever they feel like it. Enough! In… Read More

  • BlinkyBugs: The Coolest DIY Project You'll See Today

    PT over at MAKE has a great post on BlinkyBugs. These electronic critters are made up of LEDs, a watch battery, and a little coper tubing. You can really get creative and add pipe cleaners for that “fuzzy insect” effect. Each BlinkyBug will light up when picked up or moved thanks to a little set of antenna that act as a circuit. The project requires a little bit of soldering… Read More

  • LED Candles That You Can Blow Out: Now You Just Need Friends To Dine With

    Since some places don’t allow actual candles — my dorm, for instance — these LED candles could be a sad, if not practical solution. They “blow out” like real candles once the main button is pushed and, so says ThinkGeek, they almost look like real candles from a healthy distance. The flicker of the imitation flame is said to mesmerize even the most stoic… Read More