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  • LG Shows Off Prototype 3D OLED TV, More At IFA

    LG seems to be planning on dominating the 3D OLED market this coming year, and will be showing a few examples of their technology off at IFA this week. The current jewel in their crown is a 31-inch, 2.9mm thin OLED display. This will earn LG the title of “world’s thinnest OLED TV”. At least until someone else comes out with something thinner. Read More

  • Sony releases a bunch of new 3D displays

    The buzzword is 3D. Everywhere you look in the videophile forums, they’re talking about 3D. Its future is still a little hazy; glasses, no glasses, polarized, anaglyph.. no one really knows.┬áToday, Sony has made its bets and showed a glimpse into that future by releasing its new lineup of 3D displays. Details and full press release inside. Clicky clicky! Read More

  • Samsung sold 2.6 million LED LCD TVs in 2009, expects 10 million in 2010

    If you read the headline, then you already know that Samsung pushed out 2.6 million LED TVs in 2009. That’s nearly equal to the population of San Diego. But the company also expects 2010 to be bigger — a lot bigger. Samsung plans on moving 10 million LED LCD TVs in 2010, which would be one to every person living in Beijing. That’s a lot, folks. Read More