Uber, SnapCar And Others May Not Be Able To Use Geolocation In France

Thomas Thévenoud had an impossible job — he was the member of the Assemblée Nationale in charge of finding an agreement between urban transportation startups and taxi unions in France. He just

Uber Wants To Take Over The French Market With Aggressive Bonus Tactics

Urban transportation company Uber is fighting very hard to conquer France. It doesn’t hesitate to redistribute bonuses of up to $1,100 a week to its drivers — these bonuses are higher than

Uber, Chauffeur-Privé And Others Can’t Recruit New Drivers In France For The Next Two Months

The conflict between taxi drivers and urban transportation startups in France is not over — the French government has put a stop to new limo driver licenses for the next two months. This decisi

Council Of State Suspends 15-Minute Law Against Uber, LeCab And Others In France

France’s Conseil d’État suspended the controversial decree against urban transportation services like Uber and LeCab. As a reminder, since January 1, drivers have had to wait 15 minutes 

Drive Raises $2.7 Million For Its Uber-Like Service In The Crowded French Market

French startup Drive just raised $2.7 million (€2 million) in Series A funding from undisclosed business angels and institutional investors. The service is reminiscent of Chauffeur-privé or LeCab &

Uber, LeCab And Others Now Have To Wait 15 Minutes Before Picking You Up In France

At first, it was just an idea, but this bill is now very real — urban transportation services like Uber and LeCab will now have to wait 15 minutes in France before letting a customer in the car.

LeCab Raises $6.8 Million To Take Over The French Market Before Uber Does

French startup LeCab announced that it has raised $6.8 million (€5 million) in Series B funding. The company operates a black car service that is very reminiscent of Uber — but it works a bit