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The LMS market glacier is melting

Phil Hill Contributor Phil Hill is a partner at MindWires Consulting, co-publisher of the e-Literate blog and co-producer of e-Literate TV. The world of edtech is strange and full of apparent contradi

Instructure Looks To Take On The Blackboards And Moodles In A Multi-Billion Dollar eLearning Market

The Learning Management System market is a wild and wooly place -- relatively speaking, of course. "LMSes," as they are known, are software applications and platforms that allow educational institutio

Desire2Learn’s New Learning Suite Aims To Predict Success, Change How Students Navigate Their Academic Career

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.desire2learn.com/">Desire2Learn</a> is a 10-plus year old Canadian company that makes learning software -- a learning management system to be precise -- and here's