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Elliptic Labs Launches Android SDK For Its Ultrasound-Powered Mid-Air Gesture Tech — Phones With ‘Touchless’ UI Landing In 2H 2014

Elliptic Labs, a startup that uses ultrasound technology to enable touchless, gesture-based interfaces, has finally pushed its tech into smartphones. It's been demoing this at the CEATEC conference th

First HP Computer With Embedded Leap Motion Tech Will Ship This Fall For $1,049.99

Hardware startup Leap Motion, which managed to sell an impressive number of pre-orders for its standalone Leap Motion Controller gesture control computer accessory, today announced that the first frui

Secret Handshake Lets You Pay With Hand Gestures And Leap Motion – No Phone Or Card Required

One of the TechCrunch Disrupt hacks this year is the brainchild of Matthew Drake, an Atlanta-based employee of advertising firm 22squared. Secret Handshake, Drake's hack this year, uses the Leap Motio

Haptix Is A Gesture-Sensing Laptop Clip That Wants To Be Kinect For Accountants

Haptix is a gesture-based input device for laptops and PC which supports in-air gestures -- a la Leap Motion -- but also interprets 2D gestures (such as pinch to zoom) made on any flat surface. In oth

Leap Motion Launches With Limited Appeal, But It Could Be A Ticking Time Bomb Of Innovation

The much-anticipated Leap Motion Controller began shipping to pre-order customers today, as reviews of the input device hit the web. The startup behind the controller has done an impressive job raisin

Pebble Smartwatch Is Coming To Best Buy July 7 For $149.95

Pebble is selling its smartwatch via Best buy stores soon, with the device going on sale at the major U.S.-based electronics retailer on July 7 for $149.95. The e-ink display for the Pebble and Blueto

Leap Motion Opens Up Beta Access To Developers In Preparation For Its July 22 Launch

Leap Motion is about a month away from shipping its 3-D gesture controller to consumers, and it wants to make sure there are plenty of apps for users to play with. With that in mind, the company is op

Highland Capital Partners Commits To Invest $25 Million In Leap Motion Developers

Highland Capital Partners, which is already an investor in Leap Motion, has committed another $25 million to back the young startup. To do so, it’s established the Leap Fund, which is designed to fi

Leap Motion Talks New Beta, We Go Hands On With Motion-Controlled Google Earth

Leap Motion was showing off its still unreleased gesture motion controller for computers at Google I/O 2013. The demo unit allowed you to use the controller to navigate Google Earth, and the functiona

Leap Motion Controller Ship Date Delayed Until July 22, Due To A Need For A Larger, Longer Beta Test

Leap Motion has just announced that its 3D gesture controller hardware ship date will be delayed, from May 13 for pre-orders and May 19 for general retail availability to July 27. The delay was caused

Take A ‘Drive’ With Google Street View Using Leap Motion And Gesture Controls

A new project by Teehan+Lax, the Toronto-based design firm that helped created Ev Williams' Medium publishing platform, builds on its previous work with Hyperlapse to provide a way to navigate Google

You’ve Got The Whole World In Your Hands As Leap Motion Gains Google Earth Support

Leap Motion's gesture-based controller launch is less than a month away, but so far we've heard relatively little about app support, besides the fact that the company is working hard on filling out it

Leap Motion Controller Tech To Be Embedded In, And Bundled With, Future HP Devices

Leap Motion hasn't even launched its first product yet, and already the company is on a roll. Now, it's announcing a collaboration with HP, to bring its brand of 3D motion control to that company's de

Duo Is A DIY 3D Motion Sensing Controller

The Duo is a 3D motion sensing controller, much like the Leap Motion Controller and the Kinect – but with a DIY twist. Whereas the Leap Motion Controller comes in a small and elegant package, th

CamBoard Pico Demos What Kind Of Gesture Control Your Next Computer Could Have Built-In

CamBoard Pico is German firm pmdtec's next-generation gesture input reference device. We showed you before what it could potentially do to change the computer interface, and now there are a couple of

Leap Motion’s Michael Buckwald Lays Out His Vision For Gesture-Based Computer Interaction

While I was at South by Southwest Interactive, I had a chance to meet with the <a target="_blank" href="http://www.leapmotion.com">Leap Motion</a> team and try out their upcoming gesture-based control

Fleksy Gesture Keyboard Demos Leap Motion Controller Compatibility, Introduces iOS SDK For Third-Party Apps

Fleksy, the keyboard app that doesn't even require you to look at the screen or hit any actual keys to type, is busy at SXSW this week. The startup is showing off its software working with the Leap Mo

Leap Motion Controller Ships Pre-Orders May 13, Hits Best Buy Store Shelves May 19 For $79.99

Leap Motion today announced that its innovative motion controller for PCs will start shipping to pre-order buyers beginning May 13, and will launch in the U.S. at Best Buy locations on May 19. Full re

Leap Motion Teams Up With Best Buy As Exclusive Retail Launch Partner, Pre-Orders Start In February

Leap Motion, makers of the innovative Leap Motion controller for PCs, today announced that at launch, it will sell its device exclusively through Best Buy's physical and online stores in the U.S., as

Leap Motion Raises $30M More For Its Gesture-Based Controller, Announces Bundling Deal With Asus

<a target="_blank" href="http://www.leapmotion.com">Leap Motion</a> is announcing today that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding. Co-founder and CEO Michael Buckwald told me that the company