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Ultraleap’s mid-air haptics tempts Tencent to join its $82M Series D fundraising

It was way back in 2017 that the company that became Ultraleap (Ultrahaptics) demonstrated at TechCrunch Disrupt a technology that pioneered ultrasound to replicate the sense of touch. The impressive

Daily Crunch: Leap Motion waves goodbye

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Once poised to kill the mouse and keyboard, Leap Motion plays its final hand

The company sought to completely change how we interact with computers, but now Leap Motion is selling itself off. Apple reportedly tried to get their hands on the hand-tracking tech, which Leap Motio

LG hints at gesture interface for smartphone flagship next month

LG has put out a gesture-heavy hint ahead of the annual unveiling of new smartphone hardware at the world’s biggest mobile confab, Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in a month’s time.

Leap Motion’s new AR headset prototype is high-res, low-cost and a little bug-eyed

Leap Motion has been in kind of a weird place for quite a while now. They’ve raised north of $100 million for their tightly focused computer vision work hell-bent on replicating real-time hand m

Authentication now comes with a wave of your hand

Under the nom de guerre of Redrock Biometrics, two former Leap Motion execs are waging war on the world's legions of identification cards, pin numbers, passwords, and voice identification technologies

Leap Motion nabs $50M for its VR/AR hand-tracking tech

Headset-based VR and AR may be a bit slower out of the gates than many had hoped, but investors are still pouring money into startups looking to change how consumers interact with the digital world. L

Leap Motion demos its excellent hand tracking technology on Samsung’s Gear VR

When Leap Motion debuted in 2010, it felt like a technology in search of a platform. The startup demoed some truly impressive motion tracking technology as a means of interacting with two-dimensional

Leap Motion shows off Interaction Engine for their VR hand-tracking tech

VR makes the most sense when you don’t have to learn the controls and stuff just works. Today, Leap Motion dropped an early access beta version of their Interaction Engine which makes it easier

Will the Internet of Things make us superhuman?

Technology is quickly redefining what it means to be human. There is no denying that we are considerably different from the people who came before us, not only in that we successfully wield technology

Hands On: Leap Motion’s Minority Report-style Gesture Controller Gets Smarter, Faster, And More Accurate

Back in 2012, Leap Motion seemingly came out of nowhere with a crazy hand-sensing gesture controller that looked like something straight out of Minority Report. Alas, the product landed with a bit of

3D Is The New 2D

User interfaces traditionally have been 2D for desktops and the web. Mobile phone apps, while supporting 3D for specific cases like games, also have been 2D. The Flat UI design movement, although inco

Augmented And Virtual Reality 1.0 — 2016 Preview

Samsung/Oculus’ Gear VR launch was the starting gun for AR/VR 1.0, so what can we expect next year? Strap on your magic goggles, it’s immersion time.

The Biggest Challenges Left In Virtual Reality, According To Oculus

The second half of Facebook's keynote took an odd turn today at F8, spending a surprising amount of time looking at the unknowns of consciousness and visual illusions. But toward the end, Oculus Chief

Leap Motion Is Bringing Hand Tracking To The OSVR Headset In May

The open-source OSVR virtual reality headset is getting one of its first peripherals in the form of an optional faceplate that brings hand tracking to virtual reality projects via an embedded camera.

Leap Motion Launches VR Headset Mount For Its Hand-Tracking Controller

Today Leap Motion is launching a mount for its PC peripheral that lets you track your hands in virtual reality applications by attaching it to the front of the Oculus Rift or other headsets. This moun

MotionSavvy Is A Tablet App That Understands Sign Language

There are plenty of things to take for granted in this life, and the ability to hear is one that most of the population does. But not the team at MotionSavvy. Motion Savvy, which emerged from the L

New Tracking Software Lets Leap Motion Keep Track Of Every Bone In Your Hands

Leap Motion, the company behind the desk-mounted sensor that lets you control your computer like Tony Stark in the “Iron Man” films, has today released a major update to its software devel

Leap Motion Lays Off 10% Of Its Workforce After Missing On First Year Sales Estimates

Leap Motion won a lot of buzz early on for its motion controller, which is designed to make it possible for users to interact with their computer through gestures alone. The early buzz and pre-order i

Meet The First 10 Companies To Take Part In Founders Fund And SOSVentures’ LEAP Axlr8r

Late last year, a couple of venture firms sought to invest in LEAP Motion's gesture control technology by helping developers to build businesses around it with an accelerator. Today, the <a target="_b
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