Shine gives up on mobile network ad-block threats, wants to play nice

So much for sticking "nuclear weapons" in carriers' dumb pipes. Shine, last year's enfant terrible of mobile ad blocking is pivoting (again!) -- in both tone of voice and business model. It's also reb

Opera backs IAB’s ‘Lean’ effort to make ads less annoying — with caveats

Opera looks to be throwing the ad industry a bit of a bone on the ad-blocking front by saying it wants to work with the IAB on a standardization effort around so-called Lean ads, perhaps with a view t

“Lean” Lets You Clean Up Unwanted Live Photos To Free Up Space On Your New iPhone

A recently launched app called Lean will help iPhone 6s and 6s Plus owners clean up their photo library and reclaim the storage space taken up by Live Photos, the new photo feature introduced on Apple

The Plight Of The Intrapreneur, Or How To Be An Innovator From Within

At Startup Festival in Montreal this week, one of the noteworthy pieces of data so far is how many non-startup folks are attending workshops ostensibly designed for startups. Ben Yoskovitz and Alistai

How To Think About Minimum Viable Products, And The Path To Passion At Startup Festival

At Startup Festival in Montreal this week, today saw a Lean Workshop hosted in part by Lean Entrepreneur authors Brant Cooper and Patrick Vlaskovits. The two entrepreneurs and authors spent the mornin