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Entrepreneur Steve Blank says we’re collectively underestimating the potential of generative AI.

Steve Blank: AI will revolutionize the ‘lean startup’

It wasn’t easy to close the shutters on a business I really believed in. But I knew I could start again if I was willing to learn from my mistakes…

Learning from my failures: Lessons from a 2-time founder

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Daily Crunch: European startup studio eFounders unveils its next-generation CRM tool

When you start ramping up, a growth marketing tech stack becomes increasingly vital. Every startup with a successful growth program has factored in this foundational piece into its overall strategy.

A lean startup’s growth marketing tech stack

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From surviving to thriving as a hardware startup

While there will never be one fully exhaustive answer, here are some of the lessons we learned over the years.

11:17 am PST • December 2, 2020
From surviving to thriving as a hardware startup

If your business model still looks like your original assumptions a month ago, you’ve been living under a rock. Every part of your business model — not just product and…

Managing customer discovery when you can’t leave the house

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How to tell if your startup deserves press coverage

Tech reporters’ inboxes are filled with garbage pitches from misguided founders who assume that the smallest milestone warrants a write-up. Founders dream of seeing their company’s name in headlines without knowing how that might help or hurt them. But with the proper intentions, strategy and timing, they can score press that makes their imagined future…

12:37 pm PST • January 2, 2020
How to tell if your startup deserves press coverage

Kanye West dropped a new album, sort of. It’s not really finished yet – he’s still publicly tweaking lyrics, arranging the song order, adding and subtracting material. In the technology…

Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’ is the first SaaS album

Every tech founder thinks he or she runs a lean startup. But what exactly does that mean? In the video interview above Eric Ries, who came up with the term…

Lean Startup Thinker Eric Ries: “Don’t Be In A Rush To Get Big, Be In A Rush To Have A Great Product”