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Hardware is hard: How we built a hardware startup with two engineers and some free time

Hardware is hard. Building a hardware startup is even harder. The good news is that the staggering amount of innovation in rapid prototyping, 3D printing and backend-as-a-service platforms has made ha

Lean Hardware: Breeding Hardware Unicorns

About a year ago, Aileen Lee from Cowboy Ventures wrote her seminal piece on billion-dollar startups, now widely called "unicorns." At the time, she found 39 U.S.-based software companies fewer than 1

8 Things About Hardware Crowdfunding We Learned From 20 Campaigns

So far HAX startups have run 20 successful campaigns, making us the most prolific investor in crowdfunded hardware projects. As active participants and keen observers, we identified a few ideas that c

The Lean Hardware Startup: Investing in Hardware Startups

Nest and Oculus got acquired for billions, Jawbone and GoPro are going IPO, multiple projects are crossing the $1m bar on KickStarter. Something is happening in hardware. Yet many investors from an

Why Makers Fail At Retail

2014 is starting off with a bang for hardware. The $3.2B <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2014/01/13/google-just-bought-connected-device-company-nest-for-3-2b-in-cash/">acquisition of Nest</a>, a four

The Lean Hardware Startup: Financing

We can differentiate several steps in the life of a hardware startup: concept, minimum functional prototype (MFP), complete functional prototype (CFP), design for manufacture (DFM), first factory run

The Lean Hardware Startup: From Prototype To Production

If the printing press was about "anyone can read," the web about "anyone can write," the hardware ecosystem changed enough to say today "anyone can build." This idea - that anyone can build - is the c