• Nissan Releases Final Specs On The Leaf

    The Leaf I drove a couple months back was more or less final, with only some small adjustments here and there yet to be effected. But some specs have remained in question as the consumer-grade EV entered manufacturing. Nissan has cleared up the matter, mostly anyway, with a nice new spec sheet. Here are some highlights from the official announcement. Read More

  • Biblio Leaf SP02: Toshiba's Answer To The Kindle

    Toshiba and Japan’s second biggest mobile carrier KDDI announced [JP] the Biblio Leaf SP02 for the Japanese market yesterday, an e-reader that features a 6-inch monochrome screen (16 shades) with 800×600 resolution. The device has 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity and supports XMDF/PDF/EPUB files. Read More

  • Infiniti Release First Sketch Of Its 2013 EV Sedan

    Well, there it is. The 2013 Infiniti EV. Looks great, eh? The press release says it will “be a stylish, high performance five-seat luxury vehicle with zero emissions technology.” So in other words, it will be a Nissan Leaf done-up in stylish sheet metal, which will no doubt carry quite a premium. [Infiniti via cnet] Read More

  • Nissan Halts Leaf Pre-Orders At The 20,000 Mark

    Hope you got your Leaf already ordered because otherwise you’re out of luck, hippie. Nissan just stopped taking orders for its electric sedan now that there are 20,000 orders. That was the plan all along, however, Nissan didn’t expect to hit this mark until December, which clearly states there’s a demand for a polished electric vehicle. Hear that, Chevy? Your Cruze EV better… Read More

  • Hertz Will Offer Electric Vehicles. Most Likely At A Premium.

    Want to drive the Volt or Leaf for just a day or week? Don’t feel like paying large for a car that hasn’t run its course? Call up Hertz and rent one. That’s right, Hertz has just announced that it plans to rent out EVs through its car rental and car sharing operations. Zipcar take note. Read More

  • Leaf Camera Back Hits 80MP, Is Not For You

    Some say that even full frame DSLRs aren’t as good as film, because they lack the resolution. That was true, and if you were a professional landscape photographer you used a medium or large format film camera. Leaf saw that the medium format film camera market really didn’t have a decent camera back, so they developed a 80 megapixel camera back. Read More

  • The Chevy Cruze EV, With Its 100 Mile Range, Should Give The Volt, Leaf Some Green Competition

    It seems that the Chevy Volt will soon have competition from within its own ranks. General Motors is said to begin fleet testing a rather potent Cruze EV next month in South Korea. US availability is still up in the air apparently, but if all goes well, chances are GM will be the latest automaker to offer a pure EV vehicle like the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Read More

  • Test Drive: Nissan Leaf

    I just had the opportunity to test-drive the new Nissan Leaf here in sunny Seattle, and had enough time with the car to garner some first impressions, take some pictures, and shoot a little video. The Leaf, as you are probably aware, is Nissan’s new plug-in electric vehicle, and the first of the new generation of consumer EVs to be released here in the States. Sure, you’ve got… Read More

  • Nissan Sprouts Leaf Rollout Plans

    Nissan‘s Leaf is almost ready to be picked. The company announced its all-electric car will be available to buy as early as December, but only for those in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona and Tennessee. Other parts of the country will have to hold their horsepower a little bit longer. Nissan chose to release to those five states first because they’re home to the EV project… Read More