• Samsung First Company To Commercialize Transparent LCD Panels

    Samsung has been working on transparent displays for a while now, but all we have seen so far were prototypes. Today, however, big S announced that it began mass-producing transparent LCD panels earlier this month, as the “world’s first company”. Samsung says that the panels will be available as a black-and-white and as a color type and that they boast the world’s… Read More

  • REGZA ZG1 And F1: Toshiba Announces Another Five (And More Affordable) 3D TVs

    You can’t say Toshiba isn’t following up on its announcement in April to enter the 3D game. Apart from the pretty awesome (but pricey) CELL 3D TVs the company showed today, Toshiba is also ready to roll out [JP] some more affordable 3D LCDs for the rest of us. There will be a 46- and a 55-incher in the REGZA F1 series and three models (42, 47, and 55 inches) in the REGZA ZG1 series. Read More

  • Toshiba Busts Out Three CELL Regza 3D TVs

    The 3D TV boom isn’t ending. As announced back in April, Toshiba Japan today showed [press release in English] a total of three new Cell Regza LCD TVs, and all of them are 3D enabled and full HD. These are the “CELL REGZA SLIM” 46XE2 (46 inches) and CELL REGZA SLIM 55XE3 (55 inches) plus another 55-inch model, the CELL Regza 55X2 (pictured). Read More

  • Sharp announces another batch of AQUOS TVs with built-in Blu-ray recorders

    In Japan, Sharp has been offering AQUOS LCDs with integrated Blu-ray players or recorders for quite some time now. And today, the company announced [JP] the AQUOS DX3 series, which consists of another five of those TVs (with built-in Blu-ray recorders) for the Japanese market. Read More

  • For the Nintendo 3DS? Sharp unveils glasses-free 3D touchscreen [Update: Video]

    Glasses-free 3D displays for mobile devices are nothing new. Hitachi, for example, started selling a 3D-enabled handset [JP] in Japan as early as last year. The Hitachi product didn’t make much of a splash, but Sharp’s new parallax barrier-based 3D display for mobile devices (which the company announced today) appears to be pretty cool. Read More

  • Sony 3D TVs go on sale in Japan (and probably the US) in June (video)

    Just yesterday, we reported about Panasonic’s sales plans for their 3D devices in the US (Samsung is ready, too). And today, Sony has announced [JP] prices and release dates for eight 3D BRAVIA TVs for the Japanese market. The company wants to sell a total of 25 million LCD TVs next fiscal year (a whopping 67% increase from its forecast for the current fiscal year that ends this month)… Read More

  • The World Spent $112 Billion On 205 Million TVs This Year: 69 Percent Were LCD TVs.

    LCD TVs have taken over the world. Market research firm DisplaySearch estimates in a new report that of the 205 million total TVs shipped in 2009, 140.5 million, or 69 percent, were LCD TVs (the rest were plasma and CRTs). In 2010, that percentage is forecast to rise to 78 percent for LCD TVs, when total shipments will rise to 218 million. Total TV shipments have actually been on the… Read More

  • Super thin ASUS 'Designo' LCD monitors are coming

    If you’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for an LCD monitor that’s only 0.65 inches thin, your wait may soon be over. Otherwise, a standard monitor ought to do just fine. But if thin’s your thing, ASUS has just announced its line of “Designo” monitors that’ll be available in 20-, 22-, 23-, and 24-inch sizes. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 22-inch LCD for $112

    Well hello, unbelievably low-priced 22-inch monitor. If you need further proof that monitor prices, they are a-falling, here’s a 22-inch Acer for $99.99 plus $11.99 for shipping. To be fair, it’s 21.6 inches but you get a 1680×1050 resolution, 300 cd/m2 brightness, and 2500:1 contrast ratio. Inputs include DVI-D and, presumably, VGA. No speakers but, hey, big whoop. Listen to… Read More

  • Inexpensive 19-inch LCD actually looks pretty dapper

    In the realm of cheap monitors, AOC is looking to differentiate itself from other 19-inch LCDs with $159 price tags by serving up a smooth piano black finish and a “single post stand” in lieu of a clunky monitor base. So, yes, the AOC F19 is a pretty good-looking display if you’re looking for something inexpensive. What’s under the hood, though? Read More

  • Review: ViewSonic VA2626wm 25.5-inch LCD monitor

    Short Version: At well under $600, the 25.5-inch ViewSonic VA2626wm is a good monitor for those of you who want to get into the huge LCD game at a reasonable price. While considered to be somewhat inferior to the comparable Samsung 2693HM, the ViewSonic carries an enticing $50 mail-in rebate until the end of November. Also, it’s good as a computer monitor but it’s even better hooked… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 20-inch LCD for $149.99 after rebate

    If anybody buys this, will you please leave a comment so I can live vicariously through you? Unfortunately all my monitors are currently working just fine, otherwise I’d buy this myself. has the 20-inch Viewsonic VA2026W monitor for $179.99 with free shipping, plus a $30 mail-in rebate that’s good until November 2nd. Specs include a 1680×1050 resolution, 2000:1… Read More

  • New 24" Apple Cinema Display with all the fixins

    As part of Apple’s big announcement today, they have a new Cinema Display — long overdue. This one sounds really nice, which is good because the screen scene is a competitive field right now. Here are the stats: 24″ w/ LED-backlighting 1920×1200 iSight and microphone built-in Speakers built-in (ew) Magsafe plug for your lappy (nice!) Mini Display Port connector… Read More

  • Acer X3200 desktop and P244W 24-inch LCD released

    Acer has announced a tiny-but-loaded desktop in the Aspire X3200. For an MSRP of $679.99, you get an AMD triple-core processor running at 2.1GHz, 4GB of RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8200 graphics, 640GB SATA hard drive at 7,200 RPM, Blu-ray drive/DVD-burner, Vista Home Premium 64-bit, nine USB ports, and HDMI, all in a 10.4” x 12.4” x 3.9” package. Also available is the 24-inch P244W… Read More

  • Tiny 4.3-inch USB-powered LCD monitor

    For those of you who (like me) feel claustrophobic working off one, single notebook display might find a wee bit of comfort in this 4.3-inch USB-powered LED-backlit monitor. It’s capable of pushing out 800×480 pixels at 24 bits of color and has a little kickstand in the back to allow it to rest gingerly atop your desk. The thing costs just under $200, which seems a little steep to… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Dell small business monitors 25% off

    Dell’s running a 25% off deal for some of its monitors selling out of the small business unit. There’s a 20-inch for $186.75, a 24-inch for $314.25, and another 24-inch for $516.75 after using coupon code 1GV?QX5MT1Q?M4 at checkout. The eligible monitors are the 20-inch E207WFP, the 24-inch E248WFP, and the 24-inch UltraSharp 2408WFP. Not too shabby if you’re in the market for… Read More

  • Lenovo: Six new low-power, enviro-friendly monitors

    Lenovo’s got six new LCD monitors to add to its ThinkVision line. Each uses 30-60 percent less energy than ThinkVision LCDs from the past and some of the packaging uses 65 percent recycled materials. Read More

  • $1000 for 27 inches – Dell's new UltraSharp 2709W looks UltraNice

    I have a 2407WFP (I think) at home and it’s been a fantastic monitor. Of course, having paid $700 for it, I certainly expect it to be nice. Same with this, their newest 27-inch model [Update: looks like Dell has removed the page. Thanks for the tip, Jason]. It’s going to set you back a G, but if it’s anything like mine, it will be sharp, bright, and responsive, not to… Read More

  • Sharp cavalcade of LCDs Here’s a quick look at some of the huge Sharp screens. There was a really nice 102-inch model — you know, for oligarchs — the super-thin models, and some weird model that rises out like the Great Pumpkin. Not exciting, but cool enough. Check out the “52-inch” screen inside the… Read More

  • Crazy, uber-skinny Sharp HDTVs I got a chance to circle the new ultra-slim sharp LCDs. They look amazing and they’re so damn thin it’s incredible. There’s one shot in there of an LCD sliding up out of some cabinet and it looks like a piece of paper popping up. These are truly flat screens. Read More