Study: Average Display Size Climbing On All Devices Except For Mobile PCs

A new study from NPD DisplaySearch today shows that on average, the diagonal size of LCD and other displays on electronic devices and public signboards is on the rise, with the notable exception of mo

Sharp To Cut 5,000 Jobs Globally

<a target="_blank" href="

Sony Exits LCD Joint Venture With Samsung

S-LCD Co., the joint venture for making LCDs for TVs between <a href="">Sony</a> and <a href="">Samsung</a>, will soon be history. The Jap

Toshiba Shows Mobile LCD With 2,560 × 1,600 Resolution And 498PPI Density

If you thought the 4.5-Inch LCD screen with 720x1,280 pixels resolution <a href="">Hitachi showed thre

Hitachi Develops Low-Cost, High-Quality 4.5-Inch LCDs For Phones

Back in February this year, Hitachi Displays <a href="">took the wraps off</a> a super-advanced LCD for smartphones t

Sharp Shows 70-Inch Aquos Quattron LCD 3D TV With “Mega-Brightness” Panel

Sharp Japan <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the Aquos Quattron 3D LC-70X5 for the local market yesterday, a follow-up of sorts to the <a href="http:/

i3board: Sharp Shows 70-Inch Electronic, Touch-Sensitive Whiteboard

Sharp Japan <a href="">announced</a> [JP] the i3board PN-L702B for the Japanese market yesterday, a 70-inch electronic whiteboard targeted at busines

Sony, Hitachi And Toshiba Make Their LCD Business Merger Official

<a href="">Yesterday</a>, we reported about <a href="">Sony<

Sony, Hitachi And Toshiba To Merge Operations For Small And Mid-Sized LCDs

Quite big news from <a href="">Sony</a>, <a href="">Hitachi</a>, and <a href="">Toshiba</a> today: a

Freestyle AQUOS: Sharp Japan Rolls Out 4 Portable, Wireless, Ultra-Thin LCD TVs

<a href="">Sharp</a> in Japan <a href="">updated</a> their line of

WhiteMagic: Sony Shows Next-Generation LCD For Cameras And Phones

Sony <a href="">announced</a> WhiteMagic today, a "next-generation", 3-inch TFT LCD screen that boasts 1.23M-dot full VGA resolution. W

Sony And Toshiba To Merge OLED And LCD Businesses

<img src="" /> The consolidation process in Japan's electronics industry continues: <a href="">T

This 15.6-inch LCD Display Is Powered By USB Alone

<img src="" /> If you currently look for a large sub display for your computer, Japanese accessory maker <a href="http://ww

Sharp's 330-Inch Digital Signage Display

<img src="" /> Make it bigger in case you <em>really</em> want some attention: that's what Sharp must have thought when t

Hitachi Shows 30% Thinner LCD Touch Screen Prototype

<img src="" /> I don't think thickness in LCD screens is that big a problem anymore, but the thinner, the better, right? Hitach

New York Alleges LCD Price-Fixing By LG, Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp

Accusations of price fixing like those now being filed in New York are nothing new, but as it turns out, the penalties don’t really stick. LG and Sharp paid hundreds of millions in a settlement

LG announces new 3D TVs, networked Blu-ray player

<img src="" />LG just announced their new 3D televisions, and they look tasty. Available in multiple sizes, all of the new models include

New Sharp LCD controller allows dual displays on mobile devices with half-XGA resolution

<img src="" /> Mobile devices that feature dual displays with half-XGA (480 x 1,024) resolution each? According to Sharp, we can get ce

Nikon patents strange LCD screen

<img src="" />Patents are always so much fun, and such a source of random speculation. Take for example this new LCD dis

BenQ claims new LCD TV supports 12,000,000:1 contrast

<img src="" />For some strange reason, the contrast race seems to be on. TV's seem to getting higher and high cont
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