LCD monitor

  • Why buy an Acer LCD when you can get the same monitor under the Integral name?

    Well, well. Harman International’s Lexicon brand isn’t the only company in the business of scamming buyers by simply re-badging competitor’s products. Integral, a Belarus brand for all we can figure out, apparently found it easier and cheaper to simply rebadge an Acer monitor and sell it under their name. After all, that practice isn’t that uncommon as we just found out. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 22-inch refurb ViewSonic LCD for $199

    Not bad! This thing’s got some good customer reviews to back it up, too. 22-inch widescreen (16:10) LCD with 1680×1050 resolution, 5ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio, digital and analog inputs, and built-in speakers. If you’re worried about the "refurbished" part, you could add a 2-year warranty for $30. Delivery only (free shipping, though). Read More