• Lazyscope Turns Twitter Favorites Into Read-It-Later Bookmarks

    Already realtime streams such as Twitter and Facebook have replaced RSS readers for many people, but the problem with a realtime feed is that it passes by too quickly. And sometimes you see a link to a story you want to read, but don’t have time to get to right that second. Enter Lazyscope, a new desktop client from developer Ethan Gahng that is a Twitter reader and RSS reader… Read More

  • Lazyfeed's New Realtime Interface Tips Into Information Overload

    Today, Lazyfeed, a realtime interest feed reader which launched at our first Realtime Crunchup, is changing its look. Instead of a Google Reader-style interface with a menu of different feeds in the left-hand pane and the actual feed taking up most of the screen, it is taking more of a tile approach. Your screen fills up with tiles as you add interests you want to keep track of (such as… Read More

  • Lazyfeed Goes Live For Everyone

    We’ve been seeing a lot of projects and startups trying to speed up RSS feeds. Today, a service is launching that addresses some of the issues with a different user-interface. Lazyfeed, the realtime interest feed reader that launched last month in private beta at our Real-Time Crunchup, is opening up publicly today for anyone who wants to sign up. Instead of signing up for a long list… Read More

  • Lazyfeed Wakes Up — And We Have Invites

    One of the startups launching today at the Real Time Stream CrunchUp is Lazyfeed, and it is also opening up its service a bit this morning. We have exclusive invites for the first 300 TechCrunch readers to sign up at the site with the promo code “lazytc”. Lazyfeed is an interest feed for blog items. It indexes about 100,000 of the most popular blogs and organizes posts by topic. … Read More