Layer 2

Arbitrum co-founder sees DAO’s resolution to voter drama as a ‘testament to decentralization’

For Steven Goldfeder, CEO and co-founder of Offchain Labs, Arbitrum DAO's blunder is simply one of many early steps on the journey to decentralization.

Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain Base plans for 2023 mainnet launch

Welcome back to Chain Reaction, a podcast that interviews newsmakers in crypto to better understand the tech behind the hype and the people working to build a decentralized future. For this week’s e

Arbitrum co-founders see opportunity for continued layer-2 growth through DeFi, gaming

The Ethereum layer-2 space is continuing to see strong demand as one of its largest scaling solutions, Arbitrum, is seeing renewed growth

Coinbase’s layer-2 blockchain may help expand scaling on Ethereum

Coinbase, the second-largest crypto exchange by trading volume, is diving into the blockchain world in a move that some are excited about.

Crypto startup Argent wants to put an end to gas fees with Layer 2 wallet

Argent is officially launching its Layer 2 solution. The company is choosing zkSync as its Layer 2 scaling implementation. It is supposed to offer cheaper and faster transactions without any compromis