AT&T Fires Back After Law Firm Tries To Block T-Mobile Deal Through Arbitration

<a href="">AT&T</a>’s legal team probably didn’t have too restful a weekend. On Friday afternoon, the legal firm accidentally posted a partially redacte

Apple Extends List Of Copycat Devices In Samsung Patent Battle

Limewire Settles For A Measly $105 Million

Limewire has agreed to pay $105 million to record labels, after a protracted court battle in which the record companies famously estimated Limewire’s damages could reach $75 trillion. So in a wa

Lawsuits Allege Netflix Violates Privacy Rights All Over The Place

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Netflix</a>, the Internet darling, has come under fire from variou

Apples To Apples: Apple Inc. Files For Apple Corps' Old Apple Logo Trademark

The legal dispute between Apple Corps and Apple Inc. for the rights to the Apple logo are far reaching. Since the first case back in 1978, Apple Inc. has slowly whittled away at Apple Corp’s ini

Troller's Gonna Troll: Motorola Sues TiVo Over Patent Infringement

<img src="" /> <a HREF="">Motorola</a> is suing <a HREF="htt

Interview With Halfbot Over Their App Store IP Theft Of "The Blocks Cometh"

<img src="" />We <a href="">wrote

Simplex Series Locks Can Be Broken Into In Seconds, Lawsuit Is Now Key

<img src="" />You may have seen one of these before. You see, this very popular lock can be found almost anywhere, and is

Adult Movie Industry Follows RIAA's Footsteps, Sees Lawsuits As New Revenue Source

<img src="" />It used to be that when you thought of <a HREF="">BitTorrent</a>-related lawsu

UFC Files Lawsuit Againt As It Tries To Elmininate Illegal Online Streams Altogether

<img src="" /><a HREF="">UFC</a> has continued its fight against copyright infringement by filing a la

PS3 Hacking Case Judge: Why Is This In My Courtroom

<img src="" />Just a little update on the Sony/George Hotz <a href="

Sony Now Sues PS3 Hackers: Good Luck Trying To Stop The Flow Of Information

<img src="" />Ha! Well that <a HREF="

Spring Design's Lawsuit Against Barnes & Noble Nook Must Continue

<img src="" />Bad news for Barnes & Noble this morning. A judge has decided that the lawsuit being pursued by Spring Design against i

Apple Trying To Shut Down Polish Apple Site

<img src="">Polish site <a HREF="">AppleM

New York Alleges LCD Price-Fixing By LG, Hitachi, Samsung, and Sharp

Accusations of price fixing like those now being filed in New York are nothing new, but as it turns out, the penalties don’t really stick. LG and Sharp paid hundreds of millions in a settlement

Video: Prepare to get nailed. Period.

<img src="" /> This guy, Fred Merle got arrested for selling Polka DVDs that he did not own the rights to. Apparently he was set up to mak

PS3 Linux class action lawsuit coming at ya

<img src="" />Looks like <a HREF="">Sony</a> now finds itself on the business end of a class-act

A cornucopia of Apple lawsuits

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Apple</a> doesn't like <a HREF="">H

Comcast settles bandwidth throttling lawsuit for $16 million. That's 4 hours of revenue.

<img src="" />Whoever says the legal system in this country is broken, well, you're right. Comcast was caught tampering with its custom

Netflix sued in privacy suit over releasing movie rental records (in a roundabout way)

<img src="" />Netflix is in a spot of trouble. The movie rental company has been sued by a woman who claims that it ostensibly revea
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