• Apple Extends List Of Copycat Devices In Samsung Patent Battle

    Here’s something that totally baffles: In what way does Samsung’s Sidekick 4G violate Apple design patents? Have you ever seen anything close to a Sidekick get that half-eaten Apple branding? In any case, the plot has thickened between these two phone makers, with Apple now claiming that 12 different Samsung devices infringe upon Apple’s design and trade dress, including… Read More

  • Limewire Settles For A Measly $105 Million

    Limewire has agreed to pay $105 million to record labels, after a protracted court battle in which the record companies famously estimated Limewire’s damages could reach $75 trillion. So in a way, Mark Gorton and the venerable file-sharing company are getting off easy here. Isn’t it a tacit admission of how ridiculous their arguments were that they’re accepting a fraction of… Read More

  • Lawsuits Allege Netflix Violates Privacy Rights All Over The Place

    Netflix, the Internet darling, has come under fire from various privacy advocates. The company has been the subject of five (!) separate lawsuits in the past two months, all of which center on some of its privacy policies. The lawsuit alleges that Netflix holds onto customer data like rental habits and credit card numbers long after people had cancelled their membership. Read More

  • Apples To Apples: Apple Inc. Files For Apple Corps' Old Apple Logo Trademark

    The legal dispute between Apple Corps and Apple Inc. for the rights to the Apple logo are far reaching. Since the first case back in 1978, Apple Inc. has slowly whittled away at Apple Corp’s initial legal settlement banning Apple Inc. from entering the music industry. It wasn’t until a 2007 settlement when most of Apple Corps’ trademarks were given to Apple Inc. thereby… Read More

  • Troller's Gonna Troll: Motorola Sues TiVo Over Patent Infringement

    Motorola is suing TiVo over their infringing DVR technology, a move that is an attempt to head TiVo off at the pass after it sued Verizon over the same patents. The patents, which detail DVR technology, came from Imedia, a company that Motorola bought in the 1990s. “TiVo is attempting to assert its patents against technology disclosed and claimed in Motorola Mobility’s patents… Read More

  • Interview With Halfbot Over Their App Store IP Theft Of "The Blocks Cometh"

    We wrote about a blatant theft of IP a few weeks back. It was about the company Halfbot and their game Blocks Cometh and how their original flash game was stolen and put on the iTunes App store. After we (and many others) wrote about the theft, Apple took down game. Ars Technica followed up with the two-person development team. They tell their side of the horror story and discuss their… Read More

  • Simplex Series Locks Can Be Broken Into In Seconds, Lawsuit Is Now Key

    You may have seen one of these before. You see, this very popular lock can be found almost anywhere, and is easily broken into. Kaba-Ilco, the maker of the Simplex series lock, is being sued in a class action lawsuit. According to the lawsuit, the lock isn’t safe. Read More

  • Adult Movie Industry Follows RIAA's Footsteps, Sees Lawsuits As New Revenue Source

    It used to be that when you thought of BitTorrent-related lawsuits you’d think of the RIAA, or maybe the MPAA. It may be time to update that line of thinking. TorrentFreak notes that we’re now approaching 100,000 copyright infringement lawsuits filed here in the US of A in the past 12 months alone. The thing is, it turns out that pornography studios are now where the RIAA was… Read More

  • UFC Files Lawsuit Againt As It Tries To Elmininate Illegal Online Streams Altogether

    UFC has continued its fight against copyright infringement by filing a lawsuit against, the video streaming Web site where, UFC alleges, people can watch its events for free. UFC takes issue with “’s repeated and ongoing failure to meaningfully address the rampant and illegal uploading of video of live Pay-Per-View UFC events by members and users of the… Read More

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